How to play AVI/DivX codec Movies on Quicktime in Mac OS X Leopard?


The competition between the biggest tech companies in the world like Apple, Microsoft and Google has led to both the well-being and the harm of the end users. While the competition has led to growth in technology it has also created a void between the different platforms. Which has lead us to our topic of discussion for today. For the Mac users it would have been a very general experience to be not able to play files coded in AVI, DivX formats.

How to play AVI DivX codec Movies on Quicktime in Mac OS X Leopard?

The simple reason behind this is that such formats are a proprietary to the Microsoft corporation and hence it will will not alow Apple to put it in Quicktime. So,here is your answer to the restrictions a step by step guide as to how to run such files in your Mac OS X Leopard.


Just like gathering all the ingredients before cooking the following two things must be made available to your syste before preparing to take the guide:

1, Quicktime Video Codec – Free Xvid Quicktime Component for DivX codec avi files

2, Quicktime Audio Codec – A52 avi audio codec for Quicktime

Download both of these disk image files (.dmg) and double click them to mount these files (make them visible and accessible through Finder as another Device (top left hand corner of Finder) on your Mac.

1. The first step in the process would be to put the required files in their correct folders. To do that you need to go to your finder and Within Finder, click on the Xvid Alpha device. Within this Finder window, you should see a file named Xvid_Codec 1.0 alpha.component. You need to copy and paste this item into /Library/QuickTime/ folder on your Mac. The easiest way to find this folder is click on the first device (looks like a metal hard disk) within Finder (mine is called Leopard), then find the folder named Library, and within that, another folder named QuickTime. Paste the Xvid Alpha file into this folder (or drag and drop it if you have two Finder windows open).

2. That does it playing the video part of the device now for the audio part, you need to place the A52 codec component into /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/ folder. Luckily the author of the A52 audio codec for playing avi files in Mac made shortcuts right within the .dmg file for A52 Codec. When you double click the A52Codec .dmg file you’ll see two huge arrows pointing from the codec files to the folders they should be dropped into so simply drag and drop the two files into the folders (which are actually shortcuts to the correct folders on your Mac machine).

3. After this if you already have QuickTime running, Quit QuickTime (Command + Q), don’t just Close it, since QuickTime will still be running in the background. You need to fully quit QuickTime and restart it for the codecs to be loaded by QuickTime, so this step is necessary.

Once your QuickTime is closed just go to any of the .avi files that you aimed at playing in the first place and see what happens? In all possibility if you have done everything correctly you will see your .avi file playing in the Quicktime player.