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How Iowa courts online Search  works?
A unified trial court system with general jurisdiction over all cases exercised by District Courts is called Iowa courts. Jurisdiction of District Court is limited when an assured type of case’s original jurisdiction is assigned to another type of court, administrative agency or tribunal.

For Juvenile Court, Probate Court and Small Claims, All District Courts have divisions. Criminal, Civil, Domestic Relations and Special District Courts also have divisions based on case type. Certain types of civil cases that do not involve the enforcement of private rights, the prevention or redress of private wrongs, or the recovery of a penalty or forfeiture are called “Special cases.”


For the estate of decedents and absentees, the construction of wills, conservatorships and guardianships, trusts and trustees, actions for accounting, and other probate cases, the Probate Court divisions of District Courts have jurisdiction. For more information visit see Iowa courts.

How Iowa courts online payment works?

Follow these instructions if you want to do payment from Iowa courts online.

First of all you have to enter a case type, means Traffic Ticket. Please check again later, if you are not able to find your ticket. Or else, you can contact the County Clerk at the courthouse.You cannot pay the fine using its official site, if you are attempting to pay a parking ticket that has not been filed with the clerk of court.

Then you have to enter the county of the case, means the nation, where the case occurred.

Then you have to enter the case number in the last four to six digits or a name. The entire Citation Number in the Case Number field for traffic tickets, you may also enter.

If you are entering the name and you are not certain how your name is spelled on the case, just enter the first one or two characters of your name.

Now submit to search for matching cases.

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