Lost or Stolen Windows Phone? Precautions and Recovery tips


Want to find your lost or stolen Windows phone, just go through different precautions and recovery tips to get back your device.

It’s very easy to keep your personal details safe on the Internet, but what about your important data that’s stored on your smart phone? No doubt Mobile Phone Company provides so much security, however it can’t stop missing your phone or stealing your phone. It is always a cause of worry when you just can’t find your phone. Your phone may have your personal files of documents, photos and videos. So it’s essential to have measures to track or find lost/stolen phones these days, with the numbers going up and above. If you are using a Windows Phone and you lost or misplaced your handset, then there are different options available to find it. A simple way is offered by Microsoft, which lets you to track your lost or stolen phone – Find My Phone service.

Find your missing phone

Microsoft’s My Windows Phone service provides a free facility known as “Find my Phone” for phones running Windows Phone, Apple provides a similar app for free – Find My iPhone, and Google has also made the “Android Device Manager” app for selected phones running on Android. Microsoft’s Find My Phone feature on windowsphone.com can help you recover the handset or at least prevent someone from accessing your personal details on it without your permission. If your Windows Phone is missing, then you can make your phone ring, you can lock it, wipe out the contents, or show your device on a map from any Internet-connected PC.

Microsoft’s Find My Phone service is the same for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 owners, and you need to enable the options in Settings > Find My Phone. As the service uses triangulation technology to find the phone, you don’t have to concern about having mobile Internet activated – as long as the phone isn’t in airplane mode, everything will work well.


How to locate your lost/stolen Windows phone?

First of all, to map your phone’s place, open a web browser on your PC and access windowsphone.com site. Then, select Find My Phone option in the upper-right corner. If you’re prompted, sign in with the same Microsoft account you used to sign in on your phone. Check out the My Phone menu and hit Find My Phone, afterward follow the instructions in the dialog box (do this once only, as your phone will be automatically shown up on the map when you go to Find My Phone afterward ). Do any of the following:

  • It can’t find the latest location, press Refresh.
  • Want to make a hard copy of your phone’s location, press Print.
  • If you’ve scrolled the map and lost track of your phone’s location on it, press Center on map.

The approximate location of your phone will be shown on the map. For example, if the phone was stolen, it may still be in transit, which makes it difficult to locate until it stops moving. Once you get the location of your phone geographically, you have three options to retrieve or disable it – Lock the phone, Ring the phone, and Erase the phone.

Lock the phone

On windowsphone.com, go to the My Phone dropdown menu, given in the upper-right corner of the homepage, after that sign in with the same Windows Live ID you use on your device. Hit Lock and then follow the instructions. Lock the phone service will lock the phone with a password and if you have not set the password on your phone, you’ll have to enter it – you’ll use it to unlock the phone if you get it back. The Lock option lets you to show a custom message on your phone’s screen and set a new 4-digit PIN that will be essential to unlock the phone. Consider mentioning a phone number or an email address in the message, so any honest person who finds your phone can contact you. Moreover when the phone is locked, you will get the option to ring it, so that it attracts attention.

Ring the phone

Same as above, Ring option is given under the My Phone dropdown menu. If you have misplaced your phone somewhere in the house or office, then Ring the phone feature is helpful. Ring feature sends an instruction to your Windows Phone to play a particular ringtone reserved for this purpose. You shouldn’t have much difficulty tracking down the device with this feature, as long as it’s within hearing distance. When you ring your phone, it will also ring if the volume is OFF or it’s on Vibrate mode.

Erase the phone

This is the last step as it will lose the contact with Lost my phone and also delete all your files. This follows the same process as above, Erase option is given under the My Phone dropdown menu. On the confirmation screen, do any one of them:

  • If you’re absolutely sure to start erasing your phone, choose Yes! Erase my phone immediately check box, and then press Erase.
  • If you’ve changed your mind, hit Cancel.

Note that this is your last chance to back out. It’s a good idea to tell your mobile operator that you’ve lost your device.