91mobiles.com: Browse, Compare & Get deals to Buy Phones & Tablets


MOBILE! It is what everyone is talking about and for a good reason. It has altered our way of life to an unbelievable degree. It is good to be in contact with people from around the world, good for emergencies, even best for internet access and capture photos. No one can imagine life without mobile phones & tablets now, because most of work is done through it. We all know the importance of mobile phone, thus why is finding the right device so confusing? Lots of people feel stupid when shopping Phone & tablet because there are so many diverse factors need to be considered. While shopping for a new Smartphone, sometimes people gets one clear choice and sometimes so many choices makes them confuse. If you are confused with so many choices of mobile phone and tablets, then nothing would be better than 91mobiles.com to browse, compare & get deals to purchase phone & tablets. It is India’s number one comprehensive Mobile Phone Portal that can be helpful to discover latest mobile phones, best deals on mobile phone, mobile phone reviews as well as video regarding each and every mobile phone model.

91mobiles.com: Browse, Compare & Get deals to Buy Phones & Tablets

Smartphones and tablets are not cheap, so first you should take the time to do a little research and decide exactly what you need, want and is it worth? 91mobiles.com is best place to narrow down your options and find the right phone, so Instead of wondering so many retail or online stores for purchasing phones and getting good deals on handsets and tablet, you should visit it. It aggregates content across leading online retail stores, mobile blogs, press-release agencies and news sites and presents them in very user-friendly format. One by one, it displays all best deals on front page that makes your mobile searching for best deals… easier and faster.


The front page of the site is not only displayed best deals but also featured with numbers of other things such as mobile news, latest mobile phones and laptops, upcoming mobile phones, price list of mobile phone, top best mobile phone, mobile comparisons, etc. You can access the content of the site from the home page also from the top-side tabs including browse, research, compare, blog, forum and buy/sell. Browse tab allows you to access mobile phone, laptops, top 10, latest & upcoming mobiles, best selling mobile, price list, mobile dealers and mobile reviews.

Both mobiles phones and laptop can be browsed by brands. You can access both national and international handsets separately, even you can filter the list of mobile by size, name, votes and views. When you open the page of brands, you will get the detail of their outdated, latest and upcoming models even access other related content of that brand price list, best and top 10 mobile devices and latest news. Sort out feature is available on every page of the site to cut down the list of products.

Generally, we see different brands product available with high-end feature in the top 10 list. But on the 91mobiles.com, you can access features wise, pricewise, series wise and brand wise top 10 mobile, best selling mobiles, latest and upcoming mobile devices. It gives top 10 mobile list of yesterday, last week, last month, last 3 months and all times. Herein, you can get mobile price list by features and brand and even download it in PDF file format.

If you are planning for purchasing a mobile phone, then you have to check price drop section at least one time to see which mobile’s price drops down and how much you save on it. You can search here all states mobile dealers and service centers. A mobile review gives the rating detail of mobile phones in design, features and performance.

Confused about which mobile phone, laptop, and tablet to buy? Just feed in your requirement in appropriate finder to get best recommendations. It includes all essential factors to search mobile device like market status, network technology, brand, price, form factor, operating system, connectivity camera, music, display, sensor, battery life, and many others.

Before purchasing laptop or tablet, people check their price, brand some special features like processors, processors clock speed, graphics, memory, RAM, storage, OS, web camera, etc. Here you can select your requirement in the laptop finder and discover your most suitable laptop. It also enables you to find both mobile and tablet accessories that suit your needs.

Video reviews are more effective than text based review because any one can understand it very easily and clearly. It offers all popular videos to users to get more idea about device through video review. In addition to all time favorite video, it offers recently watched, best of today, best of week and best of month videos.

Comparison becomes more helpful when we are confusing lot in similar features mobile device, laptop, tablet and accessories. Compare mobile phone is extensive tool, it compares mobile phones side by side to measure each specifications of a mobile phone against the same feature of the another one. The site possesses a complete database of all mobile phones in India with prices and other specifications and allows you to compare mobile phone as well as mobile phone specifications. You can compare up to 3 devices side by side simultaneously using this comparison tool.

In case, you already have a couple of mobile phones, laptops, tablets and accessories in mind and want to decide one among them, then you just want to select brand name and model number to compare them with each other.

Not all people have sufficient budget to buy latest Smartphone…in this matter, second hand mobile is best choice for you. From this webpage, you can buy and sell both new and used phones. The prices of second hand mobiles are affordable enough to allow you purchase a more powerful and complete feature phone in comparison to the fresh mobile that you would buy in same budget.

No need to follow more steps to purchase second hand handset; for purchasing handset from nearby seller, you have to click on contact seller button, make the deal and get your phone. Before purchasing used items, check the device correctly and ask question regarding how much it used, its warranty card and bill along with warranty and repairing history.

Overall, 91mobile.com is best website for purchasing mobile phone and tablets as it offers detailed information on mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Blog section of the site is also good to be updated with mobile industry. In addition, comparison tool helps user to select the best gadget to purchase. It does not require any registration or login to access the content of the site.


  • Don’t require registration to get started
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Display best deals on the front page one by one
  • Make your searching and browsing easier and faster
  • Browse mobile phones and tablets by brands
  • Access national and international gadgets separately
  • Sort out the list of mobile phone by size, name, votes and reviews
  • Surf featurewise, pricewise, serieswise and brandwise top 10 mobile, best selling mobiles, latest and upcoming mobile devices
  • Give top 10 list of yesterday, last week, last month, last 3 months and all times
  • Download price list as PDF file
  • Search statewide mobile dealers and service center
  • Get best recommendations about phones, laptops, tablets and accessories by providing your requirement in appropriate finder
  • It provides both text-based reviews and video reviews of gadgets
  • You can compare devices side by side to measure each specification
  • Maximum 3 devices can be compared at the same time
  • Buy both fresh and second hand devices
  • Put your mobile phone for selling too
  • Aggregates content across leading online retail stores, mobile blogs, press-release agencies and news sites


  • No option/info on website to cancel order
  • No special feature to access best deals