Best Free online tools to Create Your Own Infographics


It is an undisputable fact that infographics have become immensely popular over the past few years. As most of you are probably aware, infographics are nothing but visual representation of data or information. In other words, they beautifully transform complex data sets into clear and engaging graphics that are both visually appealing and easy to grasp. Many people have a misconception that only professional designers can build interactive infographics. But in reality, anyone with a data set can easily make slick infographics online. There are a number of free online tools that allow users to quickly create their own infographics without any design skills or knowledge. A list of such online tools is given below. These are the best tools available for creating infographics. Just check them out and make some cool infographics absolutely free of charge!

Best Free online tools to Create Own Infographics


1, is certainly one of the best infographic designing tools available on the internet. This web-based application has several power-packed features, so as to make the task of creating infographics easy for those who are not so graphically inclined. For instance, it currently offers six exciting infographic templates with varied color schemes, which are highly customizable too. You can add all types of media including pictures, videos, text and maps, from your personal files to these templates.


In addition to six visually appealing customizable templates, this tool also offer 31 options of interactive charts, like scatter charts, radial bar graph, map charts, and bubble graphs. Each of these charts is aesthetically pleasing but what’s even more exciting is that you can make these charts interactive. has a built-in spreadsheet editor which makes editing of data really easy. Moreover, you can directly import XLS or CSV files and edit them using this editor. is extremely easy-to-use. All you need is data that will go into the infographic. If you’re a first time user then you should first register and sign up for a free account. After that, just login to your account, pick one template or chart, move on to the editor, insert your data, and customize if you want. One of the best features of this online tool is that it allows you to download infographics in PNG or PDF format, making a perfect tool for students or professionals who wish to include their infographics in presentations or email them to a colleague. Besides that, you can publish your infographics online. The tool also generates handy embed code for infographics, which makes them sharable. Above all; if your data is sensitive, you can even give password protection to your infographics by providing a private link before sharing it with others.

2, Piktochart

Piktochart is a great web-based tool that helps you turn boring and complex data into attractive infographics with just a few clicks. This online tool offers six free decent templates to help you get started. It has a fully customizable editor with which you can do lot of things like modify the color schemes & fonts, add pre-loaded graphics, and upload basic shapes & images. What’s more, all the templates are grid-lined, which makes it easy for users to align and resize graphical elements proportionally.

The well-organized, drag-and-drop interface is what makes Piktochart better than other infographic tools. It beautifully incorporates all essential image editing features, like layering, image rotation, color overlay, zooming, and many more. Besides this, you can find a plethora of shapes and graphics here. Even if you still find that these pre-installed images are somehow limiting your creativity, you can always upload and use your pictures or images from your own personal files. Above all, you can even add hyperlinks into content of your infographics.

Once your infographic is ready, you can either download it as image (.png) file, HTML or Raw Data (XML format). As with, you can share your infographics with others via social media. All these features of Piktochart can be accessed for free, for more customization options and around 100 premium templates; you’re required to register for a pro account which costs $29 per month or $169 for a year. Also note that your infographic will carry a Piktochart watermark on the bottom whenever you export it with the free version.

3, is yet another superb infographic creation tool offered for free. It is incredibly user-friendly and comes with about a dozen of free customizable templates. You can also remove and replace any object on a template with some modern graphics (people, animals, transportation, icons, etc.), as per your requirement. In addition to these well-designed graphics, also provides a wide range of the most commonly used basic shapes, like arrows and connector lines, along with a good selection of fonts, text styles, colors, and sizes. You can upload your own graphics too. And thanks to its intuitive user interface, you can easily move all the elements around and change their color until you’re satisfied with the layout.

No doubt, creating an infographic on is very easy. Simply pick one of the ‘vhemes’ (visual themes), and then using drag-and-drop functionality, pick objects, add text, choose colors, and arrange everything properly. Once your infographic is created, you can save it as PNG, JPG, PDG, or SVG file also it can be shared with a link or embed code. The only drawback of the tool is that it does not allow users to create graphs and charts based on data. This tool is still in beta mode, but it’s surely a great option for those who do not want to be stuck with traditional infographics.

4, Vizualize.Me

Vizualize.Me is a superb, free online tool specially designed for creating professional yet attractive infographic CVs. Basically, it syncs with your Linkedln account to create clean, crisp, and eye-catching infographic version of your resume. Moreover, interface of this tool is so simple that you can create beautiful, web-based infographic CVs in just a few minutes. To get started with Vizualize.Me, simply sign in with your Linkedin account or your email address.

The best part of this amazing infographic resume generator is that it has included nearly all basic parts of a resume, including sections like education, work, languages, and skills. Just fill in your profile with appropriate information and if you want you can also edit these content by clicking the ‘edit’ button. After adding all your relevant content, pick a pre-made theme to give your CV a unique look and feel. You cannot edit the shape and layout of these themes, but you can certainly change fonts, colors, even images in the style section.

Another awesome feature of Vizualize.Me is that it allows you to add links to the bottom of your CV, which can include either a personal URL or social links to your profile on popular social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedln. Now, once your infographic resume is ready, you can easily download it as a PDF file. Otherwise, you can even directly share the infographic to your social networking profiles or embed it to your blog.

5, Many Eyes V2

Many Eyes V2 is an excellent free data visualization tool available on the web. Unlike most other free infographic tools, Many Eyes does not offer any premade themes. Instead, it provides some really impressive visualization styles for your data. It includes six categories of data visualization types, namely ‘See relationships among data points’, ‘Compare a set of values’, ‘Track rises and falls over time’, ‘See the parts of a whole’, ‘Analyze a text’, and ‘See the world’. Under each of these categories, you can find three or four tools for creating interactive data visualizations.

In addition to some standard visualization such as bar graphs, line graphs, and maps, Many Eyes also offers some difficult-to-create data visualization displays like bubble charts, treemaps for comparison, block histograms, and phrase nets. What’s more, the whole process of building interactive infographics with Many Eyes V2 tool is incredibly easy. You can either upload your own data or use data already stored on the site. To create an infographic, all you have to do is enter data, pick an appropriate visualization, and then customize it according to your liking. And if you’re not interested in building infographics, then also you can simply explore the visualizations created by others on Many Eyes.

6, is one of the most popular and the coolest data visualization tools available online. In fact, it’s being touted as the world’s most efficient data visualization tool that also features social capabilities. With this tool, you can easily create visually appealing yet informative infographics based around Facebook and Twitter data in a snap. For this, does offer a range of pre-designed templates or themes to pick from.

To make interactive infographics with, you should first sign up for an account or you can simply login using your Facebook account. Once you login, you can start creating your infographics instantly using the ‘Create’ button. Now, pick one of the pre-made templates and when you’re finished customizing the template, you may share it on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Plus, you can email or embed the infographics on your site or you can even download it.

Most of all, you can go through other people’s creations through the ‘Explore’ option. The library indeed consists of hundreds of interesting infographics shared by people all around the world. Simply browse through these infographics to learn new things or get inspiration from them to create your own infographics.

7, Creately

Creately, a popular web-based tool, allows the users to easily create professional looking diagrams, charts, graphs, and story boards for free. A number of templates and professional color schemes are available here. Simply pick one of the diagram types and start adding your data to create your own chart. Even though the tool automatically adjusts the blocks, widgets, and images based on your project, you can add other image sets to the template by simply clicking the ‘Get More Objects’ option. Even if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, then you can directly import them from your PC or collect them from a website to create a detailed diagram.

In addition, all elements included in the template are customizable. You can change the fonts, objects, and more in variety of ways including their sizes and colors, as per your choice. Once you’re done with the infographic, you can export it as a PDF, jpeg, or png file. But using the free version of this tool, the image you export will carry the Creately watermark on it. However the watermark that appeared on the bottom right corner of your infographic is quite small in size, it will not interfere with your project. Perhaps the most exciting feature of Creately is that you can collaborate on your projects with other people online by becoming a paid member.