Best Websites for Soccer Live Scores, Highlights, Video, Schedule & More


Check out soccer live scores and see highlights, video, and schedule to stay updated with latest news of football world by browsing different soccer websites.

It is a kind of mandatory for some people to cherish and support their favorite football team by being there on stadium! But it is not possible for everyone and every time to get tickets of football match and to cherish their team at stadium. With the happiness of winning teams, fans celebrate the victory with their wild celebration idea and loser team’s fans also become sad same as loser team players. All these are only possible if you stay updated with live soccer match updates.

football on grass

If you want to stay updated with latest score of live soccer match, highlights, video, schedule & more, then check out easily on various specially designed soccer websites. No matter wherever you are, you can get all the soccer related details on your internet enabled mobile or personal PC with couple of key strokes. Some of the most famous soccer websites are listed below, which will help you to stay updated on your working place, also with latest updates.

(1) Fox Soccer:

Fox soccer site gives you quick and most easy way to access live score of your own choice game easily. Once you browse in your browser, on top bar you will get one in all score board of all the live football matches. Check out the headlines, blogs and give your opinion in poll to feel lively and connected to your favorite soccer team even at your working place.


(2) Goal:

Over 37 million football fans daily visit to check out breaking news, fixtures, results, league tables, and also provide their opinion in daily poll. Their breaking news section gets updated many times a day. Its more than 530 reporters in 50+ countries provide original and acute live updates of matches to make as most accurate site with slogan “We live and breathe football – everywhere, 24/7.”

(3) Fifa:

FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is the international governing body of football, which do all official announcements regarding soccer game on its official site You can check out all the breaking news of soccer world with one click to see latest videos, photos and live scores of football matches.

(4) Soccer Lens:

Soccer Lens is one of the great websites to stay updated with all the news of football world. It will act as your lens to provide all the details of football world at your own convenient time and place. Besides just getting all the updates of football, you can also write about football at as they have their own blog and community. It is mixed blog of football world where you can find out news and different views of people about football written in their own words.

(5) Football 365:

Football 365 is one of the best sites that provide all the latest information about the soccer world. You can find out latest news, gossip and reviews of critics on various football matches. You can also search for news of your own choice from different categories such as The football+, Gossip, F360 faves+, photos, videos, etc. at

(6) ESPN FC:

ESPN FC is one of the most famous sites on which soccer players spend many hours and even do not get bored browsing at It provides you different editing versions of site such as ESPN FC: Global, USA, and Spanish to provide best place for latest news and live score for football fans who are present worldwide. You can check out news, fixtures, results, and different league tables with latest photos and videos of recent soccer games.

(7) Football Filter:

Football filter acts as your personal compiler and filtered site to give you latest news and details of football world of your own choice. It includes long list of news, blogs, forums, pictures, videos and podcasts. Every block gets updated automatically with the most recent news. You can easily checkout details of each block in short by hovering your mouse over the text. It is also in progress to provide easy and instant access to soccer news with one click. They also provide you links to other great soccer sites to stay in touch with latest news of your favorite football team.

(8) FootyTube:

Many soccer fans do not like to read whole article to get news of football, but they like to watch video with news in action. Footy tube is specially designed for those soccer crazy fans that select visual media over text article. You can also select video from different categories to stay up to date. You can search by team, top videos, forums, podcasts, etc.

(9) 101 great goals:

101 great goals is one of the best sites to stay updated with latest news of football world. It has many different blocks such as video of a day, top stories, latest goal post, etc. Main goal of 101 great goals is to focus on style and effort made by all the soccer players to do goal! So, you can see many marvelous goal video collections on the site. It has great videos of almost all the matches with most exciting and breathtaking goal moments.

(10) World Soccer:

World soccer is another great site that provides latest and up to date information of soccer world. You can find out latest news, gossip and amazing goal details of each and every soccer match. Whether it is English Premier League or German Bundesliga, you can get latest details of particular team with couple of key strokes. You can easily check out latest news of football in columns and blog section.

Image courtesy: Flickr, three times a charm