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Need a Job with Study?…. visit Micro-jobs platform, to get part time job according to your skills and knowledge and earn money.

Most people assume that a full-time job is where all of the money is at, but this is not true. Micro jobs or part-time jobs give an opportunity to earn just as much or more than your average full-time career. Part-time jobs or Micro Jobs for college students could be an important step in paving the way towards your future success. At present, it is high in demand because it can earn lots of money. It is best for college students because it gives work experience on a schedule that they can work with. Micro jobs pop up all around the web, and some of these jobs require education or training, while others can be self-taught or entry level. If you are college student and looking for Microjobs, then visit, which is the best Microjobs platform that helps college students earn money to pay for their education. For getting a job through CollegeBread, you just need to do registration along with required information and market yourself across any device.

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The cost of education is rising at a huge rate, so some parents cannot afford it due to their weak financial condition. In this situation, it becomes necessary for students to do a part time job to support their financial condition and pay their tuition fees, for purchasing books, etc. Doing a part time job not only helps for earning money to pay for their education, but it is also good for gaining your experience and sharing your skills. Sometimes good grade students cannot get high-profile job due to lack of experience…but no more now because you can now gain your experience by utilizing skills you already have and learned in school through CollegeBread.


The interface of the site is very straight forward and intuitive; it requires only simple registration to get started. For registration, you have to select either college student or other. Enter name, last name, email address and password. Once you register on the site, it will ask your school name, school email, your major/degree, and classification. You can do registration through Gmail or Yahoo account.

Create your profile more attractive and add complete information about your knowledge and skill to get more microjob offers, because job recruiters browse your profile and offer jobs according to your skills. Sometimes people can earn too much money with microjobs. On this platform, you can share your skills with worldwide people as well as improve your knowledge. Besides making money, students can gain experience and increase a chance to get high-profile jobs in future.

At present, CollegeBread has approximately 2900 registered students. If you have any confusion about how to create a profile or how to enter your skill details, access other user’s profile details to get ideas. It is best platform for students to search and get part-time jobs according to their skills. It allows students to post services they can provide to their outer or inner community for cash. It puts more “bread” in students pockets.

Collegebraad service is not completely free; it takes 15% commission for service. For example: if you earn $100, then you will get $85 as income. No hassle…No lengthy process…No need of any trip, because you get several work directly through the webpage. You can do job from convenient place with CollegeBread, so visit the site as soon as possible and be helpful to your parents to pay for your education.


  • Easily get microjobs
  • Requires only simple registration
  • Earn money
  • Gain experience and get reviews


  • Takes 15% commission fee