Exploring Google Drive – Features and Functionality


We have been hearing about Google Drive for a long time, something related to the cloud storage service from Google which was in the making. But now, the time has finally come to actually experience the power of cloud storage service. This online storage option has got loads to tell us and we have got much to experience from it. Read on for a detailed review.

google drive cloud service

Cloud storage has already been available for some time through Dropbox, SkyDrive, iCloud and so many other third-party providers. But the tech-giant, Google has entered in this market through Google Drive, and it is anticipated that this will eventually become the most popular service available. When you start using Google Drive, you will be provided with a 5GB of storage space for free. The other options available to you are to pay $2.49 per month for a space of 25 GB, or $5 per month for a space of 100 GB, and even $50 per month for a 1 TB.


You will be able to store files of any type and size in Google Drive, though a limitation of size is there that a file cannot be more than 10 GB of size which you want to store in Google Drive. This space limitation is far more relaxed than all its available competitors in the market. As of now, Google has kept the service very simple and offers an app for the desktop. The process of file transfers is very fast and easy.

Now, lets talk about some of the features available through Google Drive. MindMeiser, known to be a brain-mapping application, shall enable you to view, edit and share map files directly from Drive. Moreover, HelloFax will provide you the option to sign and fax docs, and will also install a folder within Drive which will be able to store all your outgoing and incoming faxes. Also, Aviary photo editor will enable you to edit images and save them, every iteration of editing the image.

Apart from these, there is the browser interface which makes the usage of Drive even more interesting. Support of Desktop apps and Android apps also empowers Drive. So, if you want to be a part of this technology revolution, then go ahead and take part in the “test Drive’ now.