FaceRig – Make your Digital Avatar with face expressions and emotions in real time


FaceRig uses an ordinary webcam to let you embody awesome characters or make digital avatars, with total freedom of face expressions and emotions, all in real time.

Take a look at a program here that can be one of the big hits of 2014. Currently in development by Holotech Studios, FaceRig allows you to chat online as a 3D avatar that can mimic your facial expressions and mouth as you speak. It’s basically a program that lets anyone with a webcam to explore this entirely new way of video and computer gaming. It can be said to be a Dance Central for your face.

FaceRig - face expression and emotion in real time

If you are bored of looking at the same person in the mirror daily, then now you are able to turn into a virtual character instantly with the help of FaceRig. Your character can be used on Skype, Twitch, Hangouts, or any service that traditionally uses a webcam, or it can be used to make movies. At present, they are focusing on the audio and the portrait; however they intend to do more in the future. FaceRig is still in development, although the creators are raising money on Indiegogo to get it completed – and it’s just $5 to get the software.


For beginners, you can stream a show online with your avatar as your visage. You can make a simple animated film without spending a particular second or cent in 3D modeling software or you can simply create funny faces all day. Besides tracking and mapping your head and face, voice alteration will be even integrated in FaceRig, as a result you can become a voice actor, a motion capture actor and an animator at the same time.

FaceRig provides various features like karaoke and props. This includes helmets, glasses, and antennas with the choice to make your own and share them with others. Crowd funding will let this feature to be reasonable, housing the prospective to transform video game character design hugely. FaceRig will offer more options in the future to make your game more personalized and interactive. As various people have various needs, they foresee five versions – FaceRig Classic, FaceRig Pro, FaceRig Studio, FaceRig AudioLite and FageRig Mobile for iOS and potentially Android.

FaceRig unveiling video from youtube: