Google+ Vs Facebook – Comparison of Top Social Networks


Google+, a social networking website has been recently launched by Google. Google Plus is a ground-breaking network and contains many new features and some polished features with different approach toward social networking. Users can connect and interact with their friends and people, who are in their contacts in a social way with Google+. Security feature has got top most preference by Google because many social networks have lack concern about this matter.

Google+ Vs Facebook - Comparison of Top Social NetworksGoogle+ has an impressive similarity to Facebook. Google+ has fairly conveniently borrowed the united news feed, user tagging, and +1 button. Google+ also added a killer service, hangouts and feature of connections to a circle. A problem of staying in touch with friends was stylishly solved by Facebook. Facebook has been actively used daily by professional and personal communication while Google+ has temporarily shut down the invitation system to keep away from any initial launch hick-ups.

Google+ is a luminous strategy and contains some improved features than Facebook. Facebook contains lists feature in which all the contacts are shown in the list of contact whereas Google+ comes with Circles, in which users can separate friends into different categories so sharing of pictures/updates with specific groups/people become easy and with privacy controls. Essentially, circles are similar to lists but they are main focus in Google+. Users can add people to circles by creating new circles, dragging and dropping people into their circles, etc. With these circle, people can talk in a different way to their family as they talk to their college friends.


Google+ also comes with other feature such as hangouts, also known as “group web chats” that can be easily created by users. Facebook lacks in Voice/Video chat or hangout feature. Users can connect with up to 20 people for video/audio hangout together from their offices/rooms around the world by clicking just one button on homepage and selecting the circle they would like to hangout with.

Facebook has lack of privacy settings and Google+ pick on this setting. In Google+, users will find a privacy option for every post they create or every item in their profile. If any user wants to delete their account, he/she can easily exit and take his/her data with him/her with the use of Google Takeout. Google+ has +1 initiative that is similar to facebook’s Likes. Google+ is a well design and easy to use social network. But Facebook also has many things that Google+ does not have.

Google+ does not contain a fan page that is required to attract users but millions of fans have been attracted by Facebook pages. Google plus does not contain third party API’s, and other applications. Users love to play games and other time killing applications in Facebook but Google+ does not contain them.