How do I build PC at home at lowest Price? – Helpful Tools


No Risk, No Rewards. If you are interested in getting the best, then sometimes you must be ready to take some risk. Building a computer saves you a lot of money, along with satisfaction in choosing the most required parts that match at the best. This also makes you learn and understand more about computer parts with guidance on how they work together. Thus, once you build it your self, it would become easy to take your computer apart and upgrade your system. But on the risky side, you should be aware of that lack of knowledge could ruin your whole project. Worry not…it’s not that much complicated as it seems. Today in this digital world, you can find some competent web tools that guide you on how to build PC at home with lowest Price. They help you by finding superior prices and compatible components faster as well giving smart tips on the building process. So, it is good to use them before investing a lot of money in building your own computer system. For your convenience, we have enlisted few of the selections, so go through them and enjoy building your own computer.

How do I build PC at home at lowest Price? - Helpful Tools

Subreddit r/BuildaPC:

On the first look, the site is annoying because of its text-only interface. No doubt here users can get huge and detailed information on how to build affordable PC at home; however the main information is poorly displayed on the sidebar. Not good enough!

Here, readers can find resources for almost everything they need in building computer system. Users can get links for choosing parts or components; for assembling the components and installing Windows & Finishing Touches; etc. Also, users can get guidance about what to do after building with given functional links. Additionally, there are few useful links on the homepage that discuss some miscellaneous issues like Install Windows from a USB drive, Install many applications at once, etc. Users can get direct access to other related links like Build suggestions, Show off your rig; Build a Mac; CPU/GPU Over clocking; and many more.

The best thing about BuildAPC is its Live Chat (IRC), which provides live chat and instant help to needy users. For this, join on #reddit-buildapc. Search Function is another best thing occupied by BuildAPC; it has different search parameters to narrow your results. It allows you to search the title of posts, along with other important fields by author, the name of the subreddit where the post was submitted, the contents from the self-post, the default field text and the submitted URL. Unlike others, users can make here a post. Such posts are posted by some smart readers who have expert knowledge on building PCs, so that confused people can get great support for their projects.

The website is good excluding the people who don’t have time to read great volume of data. In this fast generation, everyone seeks an automated solution for doing everything.


PCBuildGenerator is your automatic tool that helps you build your own PC in your decided budget line. No hassle to open any links, read about components, finding best prices, etc. because everything you need is automatically done by PCBuildGenerator, even in no time. Really excellent!

Get start with the Budget Slider, herein you just need to move the slider to the right side if you want to lift up the total size of your budget. PC Design options like Multimedia, Office, Gaming or General Use allows you to select the best one as per the need so that you get right value for your money. For ex. – if you select “Gaming” as the prime function of the computer, the generator selects the best GPU, this way you can get the best and clear choice. On the other hand, if you select “Multimedia”, then it recommends stronger CPUs to get best results.


Once you have made selection in budget size and PC design, just click on the Generate button given on the center of the page. Now, automatic PC build assembler brings together quality with ease of use and provides the complete list of components, optimized for price as well as function. Sorry to say, but it is believed that Intel products are favoritism to PCBuildGenerator and they primarily recommended them while the fact is that AMD products are much better. However, one thing for sure is that the recommended builds offer great performance and value. Another drawback is that budget slider point starts with $450 in value, which may disappoint budget conscious people.

In recommended page list, you can also show your saving per component and total saving for that particular build. For getting more opinions, you can save or share your recommended page list within a click.


As the name suggest, PCPartPicker helps you to choose compatible parts, which give the best performance for the price. Philip, developer of PCPartPicker, focuses on feedbacks from Reddit’s vast base of users and got PCPartPicker’s start on BuildaPC.

The first upper tab -System Build allows users to select the desired part from a list of parts. Once you click it, instantly, the result page will be displayed. Note that, your result page can be displayed in three different methods – List, Detailed list, and Price vs wattage. In List option, recommended items are shown more clearly while in Detailed List option, recommended items are filtered by specification, performance, ratings and price. Both options – View option to see product more clearly and Add option to add the item in the shopping list – are included in the List and Detailed list option. Now third one, Price vs wattage, helps you to give instant idea about the performance using graphical chart.

All main components needed to build PC are directly given in the tab form, just click them and get the direct access. Here, users can filter the result page by price filters, rating, manufacturer, speed, type, voltage, size and many more. Free Membership facilitates users with the email alert service for the future price drops.

Price – Tracking is the best feature of the site. As and when you choose a PC component, a chart based on the price displays at the very bottom of the screen. So, chart reading might determine whether the price may dip in the future or not. However, this form of prediction is less trusted than educated guess. Overall, PCPartPicker would be great starting point for saving money on a computer build. Sharing is another best thing of the site. You can yield a particularly formatted text used to display your build on message boards. It means before making any purchases, it is good to post your build to an online forum.


One more automatic tool is ChooseMyPC, which works almost similar to PCBuildGenerator. Here, it automatically offers build recommendations based on few criteria. Like PCBuildGenerator, it also provides budget slider but it has $420 starting point, which generally fails to attract common people because the majority of media centers could possibly be built in the $200 range. However, here you can get choices for overclocking, Windows and/or an optical drive, and more. This thing makes it much clear on the part of price.

Its zen-like, black-and-white interface distracts very little, also its ability to incorporate with Reddit, and other forums add more potentiality to the site. The first link of the page leads you towards the clear and systematic completed build, showing recommended parts and their price. The best thing is that users can get detailed guidance for each and every component in its Gaming PC Build Guide option. It is believed that recommended builds at ChooseMyPC normally show great value and functionality.