Online Forums for Getting Medical Advice On The Internet


Get support from other internet users who have the same type of medical disease or problem and explore so many ideas, medical advices… by discussing it broadly on forums, blogs or communities online with more information and awareness.

Nowadays, people turn to the Internet to learn more about their health issues. About 80% of Internet users look for health information online. Top health information searches involve food safety, drug safety, pregnancy & childbirth tips, etc. while many search for information about a specific disease, medical treatment or procedures, referrals for the specialist, and lot more. Online self-diagnosis and medical research can be beneficial and even successful, but in case of general wellness inquiry and non-emergency. Sometimes, doctor didn’t give you sufficient information, then to put your mind at rest you can do your own little research and find out exactly what is your problem. Another great way is that you can get medical advice from someone online and has had a similar experience. Discussing problems with people having the same type of medical disease or problem can help you make more informed decisions about your health, as it would be experience based, it would be more reliable. But…be careful in selecting your way. If you aren’t Google-fluent, just checkout some reliable online forums listed below, and discuss with professionals doctors, nurses as well as non-professionals to expand your health knowledge widely.

Online Forums for Getting Medical Advice On The Internet

Net Doctor

Net Doctor is a great site for information about health issues. The site has been created by staff of doctors, nurses and editors, aiming to prepare high quality medical information that is easy to read. This is a network of 600 of Europe’s respected write articles, answer questions and best of all the site is updated with the latest medical news. Well organized and impressive homepage adds more utility to the site; also it comes with good search facility in which you can type Keywords relating to what you are looking for. It also classifies the results into categories like Diseases & Conditions, Health Advice and Support Groups. Though results are plenty, but sometimes they are really difficult to understand and read.

‘Ask the Doctor’ is great part of the site that allows you to type a question and sent by e-mail to a panel of doctors. So if you are too embarrassed or too busy to consult your own G.P. must try this. Here chat facility is an organized event with health professionals like Dr.Hilary Jones and Gillian Rice, where you e-mail your questions on specific subjects for a chat at a set time. Even to find out if you are at risk of different conditions, ‘Test Yourself’ section is here to do interactive tests like Heart Test, Smoking Test, Weight Problems, Nutrition etc. just select a test, answer the questions and see the results…that’s it. You can also find invaluable information on support groups in your local area, such as those for bereavement, weight control and alcoholism. Here discussion forums help you make a few friends from the message boards having same health problems. The only down side to the site is that on searching, you will get about 10 different illnesses so you have to read all for the exact one.

Health Physics Society

Health physics is devoted to keep people and the environment safe from radiation hazards, while making it possible to enjoy the benefits of the use of the atom. HPS – Health Physics Society is a nonprofit scientific professional organization aimed to get excellence in the science and practice of radiation safety. It performs activities like encourage research in radiation science, develop standards, and distribute radiation safety information. It arranges meetings and conferences, also use media and hire teachers to aware easy understanding, evaluating, and controlling potential risks of radiation.

Do you have any questions about radiation, radioactive materials, or radiation safety? In public information tab, you can access a wide range of topics from industrial and cellphone radiation to lasers and dental instruments. If you’re facing any kind of procedure that involves some form of radiation like Cancer treatment, etc. You can easily find insightful and accurate information and medical advices about the use of radiation in your treatment from the experts at the Health Physics Society.


Those living with HIV, those recently affected by the HIV and those fighting to keep themselves away from epidemic…anyone can ask the experts questions on HIV prevention and testing at The Body. The Body provides the complete HIV/AIDS resource. This amazing HIV expert forum allows you to connect with others HIV/AIDS positive to learn about Safe Sex, oral sex, Syphilis, HIV testing, Herpes and HIV Prevention. Current state of the epidemic can be easily known here, as all HIV/AIDS related information is regularly updated. Those, who are HIV negative or unsure of the status, must visit the forum for safety measures. This excellent forum helps find out how to spread HIV awareness. Everyone living with HIV has a story to tell. You can hear voices from different communities also share your own experiences to that of the global community of people who are concerned.
The site was originally established by Dr. Danie Pauw, and then in November of 2000 was sold to African media & publishing company Media24. According to the editorial page, all content on the site is medically reviewed.

It is South Africa’s leading consumer health information website health website. Originally, the site was established by Dr. Danie Pauw, and afterward it was sold to African media & publishing company Media24 in November of 2000. The medical content available on Health24 is regularly reviewed by some of the country’s top specialists. The diet & nutrition zone is considered to be the busiest zone on Health24. However you can get world-class information along with interactive tools to help you lead a healthy, fit lifestyle.

More than 350 000 questions have been answered by experts on Health24’s interactive forums, no need to say any more for the introduction of the site. The layout of the site is designed in a way so that you will get solution of your medical problem just by going through these 350,000 questions that are already answered. If not, then you can easily browse problems by important topics like Weight loss, Relationship issues, Give up smoking, Climate change, Heart problems, Pregnancy, Infertility, and others. Moreover, you can get health advice browsing by experts. This part contains information about the dedicated areas for issues like Psychology, ADHD or Diet. Still you can’t find an answer to your particular health query; you can submit your own at the bottom of the main page. At first, type your question, select an expert, agree terms, and submit it… that’s it. You will be answered as soon as possible.

Doctor’s Lounge

Doctor’s Lounge is best place to get articles, academic journal papers and medical news right at the click! Also using the public discussion boards or by joining the forums, anyone – professional, patients as well as students can look for answers to any kind of medical questions. In short, Doctor’s Lounge would be an online medical resource for physicians, students and related clinical professionals.

Best part here is “ask the doctor” section that woks as an active medical discussion board for general public to exchange views and look for information from the online community of health professionals. For your convenience, direct link is given in the left sidebar that will take you to a gateway page where you can enter the medical forums. Just get registered first and click on the “NEWTOPIC” button at the top of the forum to post your own questions. You will get answers from the supporting medical volunteers of the forums, asap. Here you can get medical information through multimedia tutorials and other study materials. It greatly focus on the research and academic side of medicine, therefore millions of customers trusted it mostly and prefer it for finding information on their own. You are also provided with many useful links to other sites that provide medical information as well. All the medical content is get updated over the time.

Hopkin’s Breast Center

1 in 8 women is diagnosed with a breast cancer, but if you learn about the basic breast cancer facts, risk factors, symptoms, warning signs, gender differences, statistics, etc… you can stay well. At the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center, you will find Ask an Expert – a free question-and-answer service about breast cancer and breast health operated by health care professionals. Medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists or oncology nurses can be consulted. These unpaid helpers will respond to your question or comment as soon as they are able within one week. It’s recommended that search the existing topics using the search tool at the top of the page before submitting your question, may be it is one of many existing topics already answered. Make sure that this free service is performed on volunteer time, so don’t depend on it totally.

You can find information in three different parts: 1) Signs, Symptoms & Psychological Aspects of Breast Cancer; 2) Breast Cancer Diagnosis and 3) Breast Cancer Treatments & Services. Just get connected with required forum and clear out your mind by discussing topics with experts in detailed manner. All your answers are medically supported, as this free service is run by the health care professionals at the Johns Hopkins Breast Center.

eHealth Forum

This is such a big online health community that attracts 4,800,000+ visitors, every month. This would be 100% professionally moderated social network that generates user-based health information. Members are allowed to post medical questions within 200+ specific health topic areas and obtain answers or support from peers.

This valuable service is free to all. All forum content is assessed to facilitate safe, open, meaningful, and educational interactions. Forum interactions are 100% reasonable as well as discussions are regulated as per the set guidelines of the site. It is very easy to post a medical question, just visit the main page of eHealth, type your question into the “Post New Topic” field, and quickly get an answer. Make sure that your question will be posted publicly, so don’t post any personal information and medical details here.

On the right side, you will find “Ask a Doctor” section to ask for medical advice from qualified health professionals. Certified and professional doctors answer the questions, if you have any doubt…you can check their medical specialties which displayed under their names. All your interactions will be published to the public afterwards. Here you can also get interesting as well as timely news and press releases to health and media channels.

MD Talks

No membership, no need of registration or consultation fees, is totally free service provided to you by American trained health care professionals. They are doctors and experts in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nutrition…and here they are just volunteer their services. This forum established in 2008 as a little private forum for family and friends, and expanded into the free, public site that you see today.
MD Talks guarantees that all doctors and experts that answer questions are trained at “American Universities, Medical Schools, or Accredited Medical Institutions”. Even all your posted questions with their answers are reviewed on the site. Question index ease your searching, as all important topics are listed here in alphabetical manner. On clicking Ask a Doctor for Free section, you can explain your query in details as it comes with different sections age, gender, past medical and surgical history, current medications, allergies, etc.

Like MD Talks, it’s not totally free however not so expensive if you get expert advices from medical experts like registered and trained cardiologists, orthopedic specialists and even OB-GYN. No more hassles even for consulting such a certified health professionals, as you just have to visit the “Ask a Doctor” page at DoctorSpring and type your question. Most of the time, you can note that an indicator showed that between 15 to 25 specialists are online…that means you will get answers in short order

DoctorSpring was started in August of 2011. There is very simple interface with a big box, wherein you have to type your question also you can upload medical data, reports & scans to support your question. You can get guaranteed reply within 12 hours. To check the quality of the answers, you can visit the main page of the site and assess some of the past answers provided by experts.

You must have to get registered at the site. You are charged roughly $21 for one question and 2 follow-up questions, or a monthly $29 to ask questions anytime. And if you want to ask a specialist MD a question, you are charged $35, including 3 free follow-ups or monthly $59 for an unlimited number.

If you planned for cosmetic surgery, you should make your visit at Realself, here you can get answers of any questions or concerns about the procedure by a medical expert. To answer your questions, this site boasts thousands of board-certified doctors and specialists worldwide including plastic surgeons from Toronto, San Diego, Manhattan and elsewhere. Also, you can also find doctors who are most active in our community. Here contacting a specialist is free and many offer free consultations. So now, you can get free expert answers on cosmetic procedure questions right at your fingertips.

This is a community where other patients or non-certified experts are connected to discuss cosmetic treatments as part of treatment research. Thus, Realself is a great place to learn more about the experience from other patients who have already been through it. Community members mention all important things they experience related to the cosmetic procedure including the average cost. It also facilitates community members with Worth It Rating feature that indicates the percentage of members who felt that their elective skin care, dental or cosmetic surgery procedure was worth doing. If you have a personal story to share about a cosmetic treatmen, you can state it by clicking on Write a review. If you’re going to submit images of yourself as part of your question, make sure that those images could be published for the entire world to see…so be careful.