Need something? will let you Borrow it from your neighbors


Find out how to borrow and share things online with people in your neighborhood through a user-friendly online peer-to-peer lending service,

We spend lots of money on things that only get used once or twice a year. The infrequently-used items such as tools, camping equipment, a carpet cleaner, a shovel, etc. simply collect dust in the store room. You can save your hard-earned money by borrowing these infrequently-used items from friends and neighbors. is an online platform that lets you to borrow and share things with your neighbors in simple and fun way.

Peerby : peer-to-peer lending platform

One of the leading online sharing communities, Peerby is founded by Daan Weddepohl. This user-friendly online peer-to-peer service is very easy to use. Borrowing and lending items on Peerby are completely free of cost. It helps you to save money, reduce waste, improve your neighborhood and save resources by borrowing and sharing things with each other.


You are required to Post a request on the website for thing you would like to borrow, and Peerby will find it within an average time of half an hour. You can request anything. It will ask people in your neighborhood, if they have the item you need. If Peerby finds anyone who can lend you an item you need, it will establish a direct contact between both of you through a chat. Just, make an appointment and borrow the item.

Users can also share their items with people in their neighborhood. Peerby is not liable for the items in any way.

To get started, you must register on site through your Facebook account or follow the registration process, which is simple and takes only a few minutes. After registering, you can see a dashboard where you will find “Post a request” and “List my things” link. Hit the “List my things” link to list your stuff, so that your neighbors can know what you have. Adding your stuff is very easy, just select a category to add your things.

To post a request, click on “Post a request” link and enter what you need in the first box along with a reason why you need it in the second box. Peerby will send an email to 100 people who live near your area. The email will include two buttons: green and red. Those who have the product and want to lend it should hit the “Green” button, otherwise “Red” button.

If a neighbor hits the Green button, Peerby connects you and willing neighbor in a chat to exchange phone numbers or make an appointment. You can view your past requests under “My requests” option, and view requests from your neighbors under “Incoming requests” option. You can even see the chat conversations with your neighborhoods.

Good points:

  • Completely free and user friendly service
  • Easy to use
  • Save money and resources
  • Reduce waste and improve neighborhood
  • Request for anything
  • Find things within 30 minutes