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Login or sign in at Picasa‘s official site to upload, organise and manage your photos.Picasa provides online tool for organizing and editing digital photos. It is very amazing service. You can view/edit photos when you login at The whole process of login to is mentioned here.


Picasa Login page to sign in at

About Picasa

Somewhere you may have heard the name of picasa. “Picasa” is the name of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. Picasa is the mixture of the phrase mi casa for “my house” and “pic” for pictures. The meaning of this is to pick the pictures for your house. Picasa is the software application created by idea lab and owned by google from the year 2004 that provides digital photo management. Picasa is a free picture editing software from Google that makes your photos look attractive.

How to login to

Here is the information about login process for using Picasa. If you have a gmail account then you can easily login to and start from the step 4 given as under but if you have other account then you must have to follow the given process:

  1. First of all open the website of after then open its website and you have to click on “Sign in” button. The “sign in” button is on the left side of the website.
  2. After click on “sign in” button you will get the new screen. In new screen link is given as “create one for free”. You have to click on this button.
  3. After click on “create one for free” link you will get another new screen. This is screen for opening a new account. You must have to fill up all the text boxes. You have to write your id and password. After completing all boxes, click on “I accept. create my account” button.
  4. Now go at On the right side of the screen, enter your email id and password and click on “sign in” button. No matter whatever you have an account either gmail or any other.
  5. After click on “sign in” you will get new screen, in this screen fill your desired username and first and last name and click on “continue” button.
  6. Now you will get the screen. Read the terms of service, program policy and privacy police and click on the “I accept” button.
  7. In this new screen at the right hand side you can see the “Community Photos”. After that you will have to click on “magic crochet” and after that on “Search” button.
  8. Now you will get the screen which is full of albums. Click on any one album which you already had installed of Picasa. If you are not installed then click on how to install picasa? More information about login at is given here with its screenshots.

Now your login is completed and you are able to take or share web photos from Picasa. Get started with Picasa web albums from here.

Video of Picasa Web Albums Uploader for the Mac from Youtube:


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    I am heartbroken. I went into my Picasa pictures to find a bunch of wallet sized faces I have no
    use for and where did my pictures go. I don’t need to have my pictures sent to the web. Why do
    you change a good system to a rotten one without asking if this is something a person would
    want? I need to find and print my things without going on line to have someone else do this for
    me. How do I get Picasa back to where it is a useable system for me? I am sorry but I am so
    upset right now I may not be making much sense but I am a very elderly person and I don’t need
    the computer constantly changed for me especially with my pictures. If I could get them all back
    I could put them on a CD and cancel out picasa. Is this the solution I will have to go to?
    Mary Johnson