Useful Websites to access blocked websites


Unleash the full potential of the web with Proxy websites! There is no doubt that the majority of people use Internet for nearly all types of work. On the other hand, many schools and offices blocks some websites because unnecessary access of their students and workers to certain site contents such as social networking site’s – Facebook, Twitter or porn site. They think that such type of vulgar access may spoil the students or make workers inattentive to their actual job work. The primary reason for blocking these websites is to protect internet users from being victims of all those spam or malicious things, phishing or malware attacks, spyware, etc. Also, the government authorities block accessing of inappropriate sites, which contain porn and other offensive or inappropriate material.

proxy websites

However, it is prohibited to unblock such inappropriate sites; there are many simple ways to enjoy even such officially blocked sites. In this digital world, every lock has its own key; so what if this lock is illegal or not? Yes, this is truth; Proxy websites are keys to open the illegal locks of blocked websites. A Proxy site is a sort of web page, which allows one to browse the favorite websites, even though the access to those websites would be blocked by a content filter and cannot be viewed.


Proxy site’s software fetches the data of the blocked website itself, direct from the server and then sends it back to you. It not only allows you to circumvent filters put in place by network administrators, but also protects your online privacy by masking your IP Address. Thus, you can surf the web anonymously and without any hassles. In simple words, Proxy websites allows users to bypass their current ISP’s IP and connect to the targeted website with a different IP; in a way, they hide user’s actual origin from detectable.

Using Proxy websites for visiting blocked websites is one of the common methods. Other ways to open the restricted websites are – download and / or even install proxy softwares, VPN services – if you want to unblock all the programs running in your computer and SSH services. Apart from these anti-censorship tools, you can get access to blocked sites indirectly with Google Cache, Google Translate and RSS Reader.

Among all the above free anti-censorship tools, Proxy websites is the best. Moreover, just like cherry on the pie, usage of Proxy websites is absolutely free and very simple – also you need not to download and / or install anything in your computer.

You might have heard about the latest and sensational blocking news of India that… Reliance, a very reliable mobile internet device service operator in India has blocked the world’s most resilient public torrent tracker – the Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, KickAss Torrent, Vimeo, Pastebin. Even, they have put up a large and friendly sign along with the text like “This site has been blocked as per instructions from the Department of Telecom (DoT)”. The fact behind the whole scene is that Reliance Entertainment is the actual distributor of big budget movie Dangerous Ishhq and this movie would be definitely copied illegally and was put up on various public/private trackers before its release. Thus, due to this astoundingly high loss of the revenue, Reliance may have decided to go up and block The Pirate Bay. Now, you may be surprised to know that several users in India can still get access to these blocked websites in spite of their continue attacks, using none other than these Proxy websites.

Best of all, you don’t require any special skills to unblock the websites as Proxy websites make it very easy for you. At first, select one of the proxy websites from its huge collection. Almost all proxy websites have conveniently placed the Surf box at their homepages. You just need to type the url you want to surf in the box and click ‘Surf’. Within seconds, you can get the direct access to your blocked websites.

Make sure about some important things before using such Proxy websites, like whenever you are browsing a website using a proxy site your actual IP address is not used; off course, this is good for your safety but without an IP, your computer is exposed to all types of potentially harmful contents like viruses and spyware. Also your personal details, information regarding your location, OS, web browser, etc can be recorded easily by data trackers and can be misused.

For your convenience, a list of web proxy websites is given below to get an access of blocked websites:


If you still want to extend this list, just click here; and get more of its line.