Websites to Read weird news stories around the world


Weird News means unexpected, unpredictable or unexplained stories about human beings and creatures. Weird, bizarre and funny news stories are strange but true, believe it or not. It surprises all age of people from teenagers to old age people. Many of us are crazy about collecting or reading weird news from around the world to increase the knowledge about the strange world. There are many people around the world that dedicate great deal of time and resources to assembling and investigating unusual stories that are based on testimony. Not all of these can be investigated – there are just too many. Thanks to the internet, because now people can accumulate this stories from online repositories. There are list of websites working on the web and here we enlisted best websites to read weird news stories. We are 100% sure that you will definitely find something at one of these sites that will capture your interest and your imagination as well. If you are journalism by profession, then this website will become more helpful to you to search such a strange story and get more popularity.

Websites to Read weird news stories around the world

Weird U.S.

Weird U.S. has got first place in the list of best websites for weird news. It gives you chance to discover strange stories accessed by state and category. Weird U.S. is reality television series as well book of the same name. They believe that “History is full off weirdos,” so they invite people to discover Weird history, hauntings and legends. is not about how or why the U.S. can be strange, instead it’s about supposedly weird but true stories about really weird things that have occurred to people around the country. If you are beginner to the field, then Weird U.S. is the best website to get started. Here, you can find out all sorts of really cool stories like Dunes in California, the New Smyrna Ruins in Florida, the Witches Tower in Ohio, Hell’s Gate in Texas, and a lot more from several different U.S. States. Users are also allowed to buy their books and film clips online as well to submit their own story online. Each offered story is available in detail, and also displayed with photos.



Strange magazine features strange phenomenon that publish twice yearly. Now, users can read strange magazine online with simple subscription. However, the decent volume of updated stories can be accessed through free section of the website. Most of the articles of the site are cited by founder and editor Douglas Chapman. The article of dough includes sources at the footer, which is the best sign of a high-quality site and well-researched article. Scroll down to the bottom of his blogroll to discover features section with some pretty interesting weird but true stories. It is strictly restricted to use copyright materials in television, motion pictures, print of electronic media without the express permission of Strange Magazine/ The crystal skull, the haunted boy of college city, and of course, all time favorite “First Person” are the campfire stories of Strange Magazine.

Phenomena Log:

What is exactly the meaning of Phenomena? It means strange occurrences that science can’t always explain. Phenomena log is one of the best ways to search thousands of weird or unexplained experiences that happen to us every day. The website is a bit of a collection of things like prediction and time travel, but mostly UFOs and odd sightings in the skies. It is the only way to discover other people’s experience through many criteria like location, date, or type of event. Here, you can scroll the stories under various category headlines. The stories of the site are displayed with more of a “news” tone than story telling tone. However, the updates are still a bit interesting to read, albeit the authors might sometimes be a bit innocent.

The home page of the site is presented with most popular, recent stories, etc. We all have story of spooky coincidence, or ghostly phenomena, or other weird experience that happened with us. Here, you can share your weird experience like ghosts, UFO, coincidence, out of body experience, powers of mind, near death, astral planning, etc. with worldwide people on Phenomena Log site. If you really love the stories about weird creatures, then it is one of the best choices for you. You just require simple registration to join its community.


Nothing is better than, if you are searching for a site with much larger scope of weird stories. It contains hilarious and witty articles almost anyone can relate to. The “Weird World” section of the site displays stories about everything from weird subcultures in Japan to the world’s most disgusting health foods. Cracked not only offers mainstream stuff, but also gives good source of paranormal stories. No need of wondering any navigation to discover best stuff as it has listed 6 possible real-life curses that are sure to make you wonder.

The subjects range from TV, movies, music, celebrities, technology, sex, sports, news, science and history. Each article of the site is supported with actual sources, making the site as educational as it is entertaining. It presents most of the articles in the form of lists that makes them easier and simpler to read. Each story of the site begins with one paragraph introduction to the topic, followed by the actual list. The articles of the site are not too lengthy, so that you can finish it within 10 minutes. This is best for majority of the people who immediately get bored with a topic or short on a time.

It includes columns from the staff, videos and a picture captioning contest. It is also known as a Craptions, in which staff posts a random picture on the site. On this platform, people can interact and discuss anything through forums.

National UFO Reporting Center:

NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) is a United States organization that investigates UFO sightings and/or alien contacts since 1974. It is the creation of Robert J. Gribble. The collection of the site is so voluminous that users can use as primary source when importing data into their Google spreadsheet for UFO data. The reporting database of the site can be filtered with many options like date, location or even UFO shape. The stories just keep rolling in nearly everyday, so you will never finish of really interesting stories to read. NUFORC is a main online store of witness reports from people who all say they have observed some sort of object in the sky that they can’t identify.

Weird Universe:

Weird Universe can also become interesting site for reading about paranormal phenomena and weird news. It is more of a collection of oddities from around the world. It explores every feature of a human and natural space that is not only “stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine”. All weird story of the site is presented on the front page of the site. Here you can also find old newspaper clippings that you would not believe actually existed (but they did), and really strange weird but true stories about things that are sometimes very difficult to consume. It presents you all sorts of legends, stories about strange artifacts and plenty of other stories to damp your desire for interesting campfire stories.

Your Ghost Stories:

Are you fond of ghost stories? Then is the best platform for you to find fresh batches of ghost stories told by readers – actual witnesses – and updated fairly frequently. All ghost stories can be discovered from “real ghost stories” section. Many of us do not believe in ghost stories but by reading stories on this site, you will definitely believe in it. Here, you can also discover real ghost pictures and videos. If you want to visit the ghost place or hunted hotels, then nothing is perfect than it.