Yuvraj Singh launches his official website Yuvrajsingh.co.in


One of the best Indian team cricketers, Yuvraj Singh in association with Hungama Digital Media, which is South Asia’s largest digital agency, launched his official website www.yuvrajsingh.co.in on 1st February, 2010. Yuvraj Singh’s official website looks very fantastic with various features such as My World, My Cricket, Foundation, Fanzone, My Store and many more. You can get important details about Yuvraj Singh’s website www.yuvrajsingh.co.in here. He is the third Indian cricketer, who launched official website for his fans.

Screenshot of Yuvrajsingh.co.in website
Yuvrajsingh.co.in - Yuvraj Singh website

Yuvi’s website is growing up sections where his fans can interact with him. Speaking at the launch,

Yuvi said, “Most people have at one point or the other asked me about the Real Yuvraj Singh and I never really had an answer to that question. With www.yuvrajsingh.co.in I can now tell people about The World of “Real” Yuvraj Singh! My World is here for my fans to see what my life is all about.”

Yuvraj Singh became a member of Indian cricket team since 2000 and played his first test match in 2003. He had hit 6 sixes in an over against England’s Stuart Broad at the 2007 World Twenty20. He is a son of the Indian fast bowler and Punjabi movie star Yograj Singh. On his biography page, he reveals that media’s most asked question to him is ‘Who is the real Yuvraj Singh? And insist that he is exactly the same on field and off it. He said, “I’m like any other 27-year old, who likes to hang out with friends, watch a few movies, and eat good food and party”.

Yuvraj Singh website: Yuvrajsingh.co.in

Yuvraj Singh website features like Home, my world, my cricket, foundation, partners, fanzone, my store and media.

My World: This section contains Photography and write-ups on events from Yuvi’s childhood and his journey as a cricketer. In this section, fans get information about Yuvi’s likes and dislikes such as his favorite holiday destinations, books and many more. You can see photos of him and Folks, Buddies, Tour, and Expressions. To get his memories detail, just click on images which are given on my world page.

My cricket: This section given information about Yuvraj cricket journey from 2000 to 2009, his forthcoming matches, IPL, statistics and career highlights.

Foundation: The Yuvraj Singh Foundation is a nonprofit organization and a public charitable trust which supports emerging talent from all sporting disciplines in the country from March 2009. It supports underprivileged children in all spheres like sports, education & health both in India and across the world, provides medical aid to the poor, enables the upliftment of the elderly, preserves India’s heritage, supports environmental causes and last but not least develops agriculture in rural India. The Yuvi’s website features give information about the foundation and a variety of plans supported by Yuvi.

Partners: Take a look at some of the brands which Yuvraj Singh associates himself with Reebok, Royal stage, Parachute, Revital, Fiat, Birla sun life, Coolmaal and Classmate.

Fanzone: If you are real fan of Yuvraj singh and want details about Yuvi’s experiences as cricketer, his plans, and recent matches, then the website’s fanzone features is the place to get it. Fanzone features his Blogs, downloadable imagery like wallpapers and photos, online games and forums, where fans can post their thoughts and interact with their favorite cricket star. It is also Yuvi’s favorite section on the website as it permits him real time access to his fans. Yuvi’s fans can also enjoy quick game facilities, where they can get an opportunity to play as Yuvraj Singh. You can play Yuvraj cricket challenge game. The game features 5 attractive levels with difficult targets and playing tips from Yuvi which gives an exciting skill to the player.

My store: This section gives an opportunity to Yuvi’s fans to grab a piece of Yuvraj Singh. The store has incredible things for everyone from key chains, water bottles, puzzles, etc. You can purchase all items from its official website. The store also promises to offer Yuvi’s very own fashion and merchandise line which will be launched under brand Yuvi very soon.

You can also become a member of this website and post comments. For this purpose, open website and click on Fanzone tool and get Sign up option which is stayed under the login box on right side. Enter your details like user ID, password, name, email address and click on Submit option. After then use the login process and get more information about Yuvraj Singh.

Source: http://www.yuvrajsingh.co.in/

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  • Raghvan

    hey hitesh i agreed with u..in fact he should have to leave cricket and should become waterboy!!!

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