Zippr – Revolutionary way to find locations on confusing Indian streets


Install the revolutionary app named Zippr on your device and never again lose your way through confusing Indian streets!

Street addresses in India are pretty much confusing. People generally find it difficult to explain their addresses over the phone. To simplify this very problem, a new app called Zippr, has come up with a smart and simple way to convey an address. This ground breaking application smartly converts an address into a short code that can be shared with anyone. And upon clicking on this code, the app will provide the exact location and address on Google Map! In this way, Zippr makes it super-simple for the person looking for a particular address. What’s even more exciting is that everyone who clicks on the code will get the direction – no matter whether they have Zippr on their device or not.

Zippr location management tool

So, how does the Zippr app work? Well, as soon as the app is downloaded, it automatically identifies your current location on Google Maps, and creates a unique code. And if you want to create a Zippr (four character, four number unique identifier, e.g. ABCD1234) for another area, then simply use search option to find the area, scroll to that location and tap at a point you’d like to save. Moreover, you may fill in the details about your address as additional info to aid those, who intend to find you. When someone taps on the code, the app will redirect him/her to Google Maps and with another tap he/she will get the route.


You can also create personalized codes such as “VJAY8080” by using premium services. In such a case, the code can be personalized to your name, or you can include letters & numbers of personal significance. You own your custom Zippr code and so you can always reuse it for another location. The premium feature is available in the side-menu. Simply swipe right to access the feature, select an existing Zippr or location for which you’d like to request a custom code, and then enter the desired Zippr code.

Each and every Zippr card includes a share, and a message icon. You can directly mail, message or share your code with friends through social media. Alternatively, you can even spell your code just like a phone number, and it will be translated back into a location automatically. The app works on all mobile browsers. Upon receiving a Zippr, one can instantly use it by clicking on the “open in app” link. Anyone with the link or the code can access the respective Zippr. However, the app will not disclose the identity of the creator unless the code is created as a public Zippr (e.g. a cafe or movie hall Zippr).

The app has three tabs, namely Personal, Recent, and Favorite. All zipprs that are created by the user are accessible on Personal tab, all that are created or received found in the Recent tab (in order of the time that they were created/received), whereas those Zipprs that are marked as Favorite by user appear in the Favorites tab.

Currently, various businesses, ranging from fast food joints and e-commerce to cabs services, are using the Zippr technology platform to deliver faster services. Perhaps, the most impressive achievement of this initiative is its integration with GVK EMRI, which runs the 108 ambulance service in sixteen states across the country. This means, now the user can call 108 and simply give a Zippr code instead of address/landmarks or directions. As per reports, this Zippr integration has reduced the response time by thirty percent at least and people have shown tremendous response to this inventiveness. The team behind the application has even confirmed that they will expand this offering to other emergency services like women’s safety in coming period.

Best of all, the app is currently available as a free download on both Android as well as iOS platform. Yes, you can create and share Zipprs for free! So, click on the links below to download this wonderful app and make your address smart.

Download Zippr for Android

Download Zippr for iOS