Pregnancy Due Date calendar & Calculator


When you are pregnant you get lots of questions in front of you. These questions are about your eating and about your happening when you going to birth a child. To solve these questions there are expert pregnancy guidance and popular tools like this Due Date Calculator.

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Your pregnancy due date is calculated by your first day of your last menstrual period, it was 40 weeks to the approximate. This calculation is not exact but it is for an idea, on their project due date, only 5% of women, who deliver their babies. For calculating your pregnancy due date see here:

Pregnancy Due Date calendar

Pregnancy calendar tries to help you for you can understand your pregnancy and the fetal development, which was takes place week by week. This calendar inform you that you should go for ultra sound pictures and this also gives advice on physical practical to the emotional practical. This calendar remembers you to go to doctor for check up. For Pregnancy Due Date calendar, see here:

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  • Due Date Calculator

    In my opinion due date calculator is not that accurate, it gives only an obscure picture of the future. even an utrasound cant predict the exact day the baby will be born.

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