How to Pay Delhi Property Tax at


A quick guide to Fill up your Property Tax form online at Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s site within just 2-3 minutes.

It is mandatory for all the Indians to pay all the government taxes. We regularly pay income tax, VAT tax, service tax, etc. One of the important types of taxes that we regularly pay to Municipal Corporation of particular state of India is Property tax. Municipal Corporation of India calculates property tax for each and every citizen of India and send them property tax bill every year based on public services they use in their home. MCD is a Municipal Corporation of Delhi where all people living in Delhi have to pay their property tax to MCD. You can get all the information at

Property Tax in India

About MCD:

MCD is a short form of Municipal Corporation of Delhi and is included in the list of biggest municipal bodies in the world. Municipal Corporation of Delhi or MCD manages total nine districts of Delhi. Being a municipal corporation of capital of India, it is also ranked on second position in terms of area after Tokyo. It also takes care of urban and rural areas by providing special civil services. It offers various public services to more than 13.78 million citizens in the capital of India. You can get all the important information regarding how to pay property tax at MCD, what are the latest amendments, etc. on its official government site –


MCD Property Tax Online:

Just like income tax, Delhi people can pay their property tax online from MCD’s online tax payment portal Now you do not have to waste your time standing in long queues and filling up long forms. Just download your Property Tax Return form from the website. Calculate the appropriate tax depending upon the unit area value for Municipal Corporation of Delhi Property Tax. Then take a print out of a copy of the duly filled form and make a payment online!

To pay your property tax online (, you have to provide all personal details such as name, current residential address, updated property details, and also correctly specify the floor area ratio and ownership details of the property. Once you provide all the above mentioned details at; all other formalities will be completed by MCD Property Tax Online Pay software.

Then, you will get an automatic generated Identification Number by the MCD Property Tax website, which is your receipt. If you pay lump-sum amount of tax in the first quarter of the financial year, you receive 15% discount. MCD Online Tax payments can be made through Axis Bank Credit Cards and also through SBI Credit Cards.

Important features of online tax payment:

  • Simplified and user friendly property tax form with online and offline help (it will take more than one hour to fill up the PTR form with complex calculations, whereas the online form will take hardly 2-3 minutes)
  • Dynamic calculation of late fees/interest amount
  • Facilitated with interfaces for computerization of manually filed PTRs
  • Property tax calculation is dynamic and provides calculation details also
  • Online generation and printing of Property tax challan
  • All the rebates will be computed automatically depending on the day of filing of PTR/challan generation
  • Monitoring and updating of Property Tax Arrears
  • Property tax calculation is dynamic and provides calculation details
  • Various types of payment facilities – Credit Card, ITZ Cash, Cash, Cheque, DD at authorized CSB centers and bank counters
  • Monitoring and maintenance of property tax policies such as property tax rates, unit area values, exemption & rebate criteria, taxable property types, colony master, etc.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of dishonored cheques/payments
  • Rich set of MIS Reports are provided for users

How to log in at to pay property tax?

  • Visit
  • Select “Click here to file property tax 2013-2014” button
  • Enter your property id in appropriate box and click on “Submit” button
  • Or
  • If you do not have your property id, then click on link “Click here to file your return if property id has not been allotted earlier”
  • Complete the online property tax form with all the details such as ownership details, address of property, etc.
  • Submit your fully completed property tax form.


  • No extra charges
  • 24×7 access
  • Easy to navigate on site
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    I have printed the application form but the CHALLAN is not available on the Banks do not have the challan to receive the Tax. Please HELP and send the CHALLAN to me by at my e mail address given above..
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    Brig. K.K.Shrivastava

  • raghu

    pls. post link for mcd property tax form download. and also help me to understand mcd property tax amnesty scheme. thanks