Apple iOS 7 Reviews: What cNet, Gizmodo and other Expert says


iOS was one of the popular, most pioneering and different mobile operating systems when it was first introduced in 2007… but a few years down the line, now it would be fair to say that iOS hasn’t improved to the expectation since its release. iOS has retained nearly the same look, even the running version iOS 6 couldn’t impress the Apple lovers that much. Finally, considering the big threat of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and plenty of likes of Android 4.2; it’s time for a big change to Apple, and that’s what Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 7 brings. The new one is brighter, easier, flows better compared to previous versions of the mobile OS. It changes almost everything about iOS, making the phone’s screen seems larger with animation and transparency effects. iOS 7 is the most sweeping makeover that Apple has ever given to its mobile software and so it becomes a talk of the town.

What experts say about Apple iOS 7?

Are all these things real or just rumors? Know what web-experts like techcrunch, gsmarena, cNet, gizmodo, techradar, zdnet, and others, actually say about iOS 7. Read on different reviews given below, and arrive at the fact.


At cNet, iOS 7 get 4 out of 5 stars rating. In its good, the site praised its complete modernized design with addition of useful features like automatic updates to make everyday use easier, Long-overdue Control Center to give quick access to most-used features along with excellent additions of AirDrop and iTunes Radio. Even, its drawback is clearly mentioned that because of holding few ground-breaking new features, iPhone 4 and 4S users could not enjoy the new one. Moreover, its flat design concept favors space over information, hence you’ll obviously need to do more scrolling to get the info you want.

Techradar rated iOS 7 at 4.5 out of 5. Also Techradar praised its look, the new feature of Control Center, and ease at its everyday uses. On the other hand, it complaints about odd design choices, and the annoying SIRI. iOS 7 provides lots of improvements for features like headline features along with effortless Airdrop sharing, improved Find My Phone as well as the new Activation Lock. Safari is available in the faster form, also you will like the little touches like Notifications telling us “right now, it would take you about nine minutes to drive home”. The site also gives you ratings in depth for the most important points of iOS 7 like Design (4.5 out of 5), Feature (5 out of 5), Usability (5 out of 5), Performance (4 out of 5), Value (5 out of 5).

Techcrunch says that there’s a lot more going on in iOS 7, like new sounds, dynamic wallpapers, changes to the design of Calendar, Notes, Reminders and more, but the big shifts are a brand new features as well as one that’s really useful – Control Center; the simple sharing service of Airdrops that makes its mobile debut; SIRI; the smarter multitasking feature that learns your habits and updates content in the background depending on whenever you use your apps, and when you’re linked to power and Wi-Fi, so as to avoid data and energy burn; and more. The site pointed that Apple’s iOS camera software is brand new in iOS 7, having an interface that carries all modes out into the open instead of hidden features at the back buttons; although now everything is a scroll away at most as there is a new slider for different camera functions. Here all phones, capable of installing iOS 7, get an option of burst mode to take pictures in rapid succession; also there is presence of live filters, which you can apply prior to filming, and the ability to take slow motion video on the iPhone 5S.

As per TC, the new Notification Center in iOS 7 is a big change from the earlier version, considering a new “Today” panel as well as the list of “All” and “Missed” notifications with easy swiping. Here some real potential is given to Today only if Apple broadens its functions and makes it more of a Google Now competitor, however it cleared that Notification Center update isn’t all that exciting that we expect from brand like Apple.

GSMArena team concluded about iOS 7 that in terms of visuals, the parallax effect as well as transparency in its menus are somewhat fine and stylish. These sensible design elements will go well with the overall traditional styling of the iPhone 5, and by extension 5S. Also stated that iOS 7 has over-delivered in terms of features, as its adaptive multitasking allows more user control than ever before, also it offers admirable additions like the new Control Center with toggles and the swipe-to-go-back in submenus and the updated Notifications for sure. On the other hand; the site also made fair things, complaining that iOS 7 response on an iPhone 5 is a tad slower compared to running iOS 6.

It also mentioned that it is not necessary that everyone will love the new look although everything about the new look is perfect. For iOS 7, here we get a totally new design aesthetic and a host of cool new features for looking fresh again but some people always have excuses to voice their displeasure with the new OS.

Gizmodo made you aware or you can say warn with the fact that you will have to relearn how you navigate some particular applications as well as cope with shorter battery life. Sometimes, it may be possible that you need to hunt for stuff a bit. Sadly, it informs us about the same poor battery life. One side, it found Maps a little bit better; on the other hand, it also suggests not preferring Apple to navigate public transit because the Maps app still requires the ability to give directions using trains and buses. Gizmodo criticized about AirDrop feature, as here recipients have to turn it on so it will work; however this small step takes longer compared to sending an email or a message. It added that new features are confusing. They are pretty; but just because something’s pretty it doesn’t mean it’s for you. So, be prepared for adjustment or wait for the better.

TheVerge scored iOS 7 with 8 out of 10 on its platform. It would be praised for Control Center, for Today that makes its notifications much better along with much improved photos experience. The verge disapproved its disjointed and confusing design, improper Aesthetic improvements and annoying icons available everywhere. As per the Verge, Today screen of iOS 7 could finally be a fantastic Google Now-like experience having all the information you need quickly. As well, this time Siri could get better and better, and finally let you do everything on your phone with your voice. iOS 7 also offers you a more robust sharing menu, but it’s not so good. Verge mentioned that surely iOS has been a great operating system, but iOS 7 is still on the majority levels the same operating system it’s been for six years. So if Apple’s goal was to match the power and flexibility of its competitors, then iOS 7 feels very much like the start of a project rather than its conclusion.

Zdnet agreed that iOS 7 has an extreme makeover, beauty pageant style, in a very much aesthetic and design-focused release. Having blurs and layers, tucked-away features, and transitioning animations, this will be enough to keep some of its users attracted and intrigued. Basically, it has very much the same operating experience as iOS 6, still holds few curveballs that need to learn. User interface and redesign of the experience are the greatest overall changes to the platform. It is the most annoying question whether average user could cope with forced change or not. Zdnet also noticed that visuals have been changed notably from the first through the fifth beta, also aesthetics, design points, and overall user interface and experience are fine. Like others, Zdnet also felt that it would be both exciting and daunting to try something that appears new. It also showed concerns that failure of some in getting used to a “visual overload” of features and design points may isolate a significant portion of users and this could lead to breakup of the iOS market.