Best iPhone App for Email – Top iPhone Applications Review


Top 10 iPhone Email Apps

The iPhone app store is ever expanding. And now, with the availability of so many iPhone apps for email, it becomes rather confusing and difficult to choose the most appropriate one suiting your purpose. So, for the sake of choosing an iPhone app for email, it becomes quite essential for you to know the features of the most used email apps, and then you can go on to choose the most appropriate one. Here we shall discuss top 6 email apps for your iPhone.

Best iPhone App for Email - Top Applications Review

1. iPhone Mail

iPhone Mail

This app is quite wonderful to use and seems pretty easy for general purpose. The app shall be of great use if you are on constant sending of emails with file attachments. The app shall also enable you to view emails in the way you would see them on a normal computer.

2. GPush


This is an application which has been specially designed keeping in mind the users of Gmail. This app shall send alerts to your iPhone every time you shall receive a new email. Thus, you do not have to wait and keep checking your mailbox for the email you are waiting for, as this app shall notify you at the point the email arrives at your inbox. You can selectively enable alert sound, text pop-ups and an app badge.

3. Email ‘n Walk

Email n Walk

This app shall prove to be the ideal choice for you if you are always on the go and on your feet. This app is quite fun and feature rich at the same time. The app has got the capability of making your iPhone into a transparent gadget. In other words, you shall be entitled to see what is behind your phone while writing an email.


4. ReplyButler


This app is quite useful and shall allow for the use of message templates. In other words, this app shall enable you to send emails at a faster rate by the use of message templates rather than typing the same message over and over again. To insert a snippet in a reply, you start the reply first in Mail, then switch to ReplyButler.

5. mBox Mail

This app shall feature to be the ideal choice for those users of the iPhone who operate with Windows-based computers. The app shall integrate Windows live Hotmail accounts and contacts into the phone. Apart from this, the app shall enable you to get notifications, read and reply to emails. You can search synchronized mail easily in mBox Mail. But, this app cannot access other POP or IMAP accounts and does not offer a unified inbox.

6. Syphir


This app shall add some intelligent filter criteria and actions to Gmail, and can also push information to its iPhone app. The app only works with Gmail and Google Apps, not other IMAP accounts, and can also determine the likeliness you will reply for a filter criterion. This is actually based on emails you answered in the past.

7. Gmail

This is Google’s gmail interface for the iPhone it is as easy to use as the Gmail itself and now it depends solely on you as to how good or how bad you like the Gmail interface?

8. Easy Writer

Easy Writer helps you write emails faster and more accurately using the iPhone’s wide keyboard in landscape mode. You can use the EasyWriter both for new emails and replies) while holding your iPhone sideways (or any orientation).

You can even use the Pinch and Zoom to adjust the text size. Your message will never get lost because of an incoming call or text message (one common problem in most of the mail apps), because EasyWriter keeps your text safe and secure. Touchtype or watch text as you type, in a text size that is comfortable for you.

9. Firemail

This app enables you to write your emails much faster thanks to its landscape keyboard and snippet pasting features.

10. Notifier 2.1

This adds task-bar notifications to your status-bar for things like missed calls, voice-mail, and mail. Implemented as a light weight mobile substrate plugin, this can be done without any extra daemon process running and draining your battery.

We hope you liked Top Applications Review of Best iPhone App for Email. So, go ahead and choose the most appropriate email app for your iPhone, which shall actually suit your needs and purpose.

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