Best Podcast App for Android: Top 5 Android Apps Review


We know that podcasts form an effective platform for us to be in touch with the news, entertainment, and commentary traveling through the world. There seems to be quite a number of different ways by which you can subscribe to podcasts on an Android device. Not sure what apps to download for podcasting on your android smartphone? Some of the easiest and least complicated apps include the BeyondPod, DoggCatcher, FeedR, Greed, Listen or iTunes. In our Top 5 Android Apps Review you will find the Best podcast apps for android.

Best podcast app for android: Top 5 Android Apps Review

1. FeedR News Reader

Best Podcast App for Android

This app shall cost about 99 cents USD and will manage RSS feeds and podcasts which can automatically update and search for feeds and podcasts within the app. The app shall provide you the option of streaming podcasts from the web as well as download to make it easier to listen to podcast.


2. Sync Android with iTunes

best android apps for podcasts

The option is available for free and is a nice one for PC owners who already useiTunes to download podcasts. They can bypass Android apps and shall load podcasts with the help ofiTunes Agent and a Smart Playlist. One disadvantage is that they need to connect to a computer to update their podcasts, but nonetheless this is a good solution for current iTunes users.

3. DoggCatcher

Top 5 Android Apps for podcasts

This is one of the best options available for listening to podcasts on Android and is coming with a price tag of $7.99 USD. Enabled with the search feature, you will be able to find great podcasts recommendation feature, import OPML, and browse the top feeds of other DoggCatcher users. The app shall also provide for automatic updates and backup/restoration of a database. This is the best solution for the hardcore podcast user, though it is a bit costly.

4. Greed Full

best 5 Android Apps for podcasts

This app shall come with a price tag of $2.99 USD and shall sync easily with the Google Reader, thereby providing for easy access to podcasts. The users shall simply subscribe to podcasts in the Google Reader and then access them on an Android device with Greed. Apart from this, the user shall also be able to add online by subscribing in Google Reader. An advice for this would be to create different folders for podcasts by topic for the purpose of better organization.

5. Google Listen

Android Apps for podcasts review

This is available for free and is said to be much more than an ordinary podcast tool. Apart from providing for the option of subscribing to feeds, the app shall also enable searching the web for non-podcast audio. This shall appeal to those who are looking for this feature as well. The app provides an easy platform for use and listening to podcasts. Listen can even play in the background during the times of both streaming and downloading.

So, there you go, the top 5 podcast apps for Android have been listed. One thing to note is that some of the apps stop playing the moment you navigate away from the player. The solution to this problem may be that you press the Menu button and then “Add to Playlist.” Create a new playlist called “Podcasts.” Now, open your Music app and load the “Podcasts” playlist.

  • Annemarie

    gd list of starter best podcast app for android 2010! m looking for a good video podcast app i think google listen is nt vry gd yet, i love doggcatcher also, easy to add podcasts nd find them. it downloads a little slowly bt i’d say worth the $$$