Best Windows Phone 7 devices of the year 2010


Windows Phone 7 was probably the biggest happening this year in the technical sphere of the world. The ever awaited platform has finally found its way into the market. Though not many devices have really introduced ( a sum total of around 10 in all) but still it becomes quite a difficult task to compare them and go for the best amongst the lot. Most of the smartphone fanatics in the world are headed towards this new platform because of the excellent features that the platform has to offer. Some of the really interesting features being the integration that these devices have with the XBOX games and the really classic tweaked Zune type interface which is really fun to play with.

Best Windows Phone 7 devices of the year 2010

Here is a comparison of my favorite WP7 smartphones that were launched this year along with the features that have kept them at the top. Just like yesterday’s comparison, these phones do not differ much in the hardware qualities that they show just the multimedia and some specific features show the slight difference.

1. Dell Venue Pro:

Dell Venue Pro

There are a couple of really cool reasons why this is the apex phone in our list one because the cool features that are on offer as far as the hardware is concerned and other the amazing looks that this phone flashes. The phone is available only on the T-Mobile network in the US and is the thinnest and the lightest Windows Phone7 device provided by Dell. It carries a unique QWERTY plus Touchscreen form factor and boasts a Super AMOLED screen of size 4.1’’. The processor of course is clocked at the speed of 1GHz and is modeled as Qualcomm QSD8250. The phone carries a 8/16 GB memory card which indeed is the best suited for the platform. It comes with a 5MP camera that is capable of video recording as 720p. The only problem with the handset reported till now is the WiFi bug that prevented users from logging into a secure WiFi network but that was fixed with the replacement mode ordered by Dell.


2. HTC 7 Mozart:

HTC 7 Mozart

This phone again flashes some real cool piece of hardware and for me is the best WP7 device as far as multimedia features are concerned. The phone supports Dolby Mobile and SRS (Sound Retrieval System) surround Sound technology and as far as the multimedia technology is concerned you are going to love it. The phone comes with a 1 GHz Snapdragon QSD8250 processor, 8GB internal storage, 512MB ROM, 3.7in touch screen flashing 480 x 800 pixels resolution. The camera mounted on the hardware is great and flashes the capability of 8MP which is better than the Dell Venue again.

3. Samsung Focus:

Samsung Focus

Most people may not be really satisfied with the positioning of Samsung Focus in this list but there are some features about the phone which we disliked and some others that we really loved that bring this phone to the top. The 4 inches super AMOLED touch screen along with the 1Ghz ARM processor along with the 8 GB internal storage and the 32 Gb expandable memory card make this phone almost invincible. The five megapixel camera might just be a down point of the device along with the make and the design and also the form factor on offer.

4. HTC HD7:


This one carries a real big screen measuring a total of 4.3’’ diagonally along with the super LCD tag on top it bears the Qualcomm QSD8250 1 GHz Scorpion (Snapdragon) processor inside and believe us that sets some real standards in performance. The Internal Ram and ROM configuration of 512Mb and 576 MB respectively along with the 8/16 GB external storage makes the phone an owner’s delight. The camera mounted is carrying a resolution of 5MP and if you believe us is not pretty impressive. The form factor though is good and one that most of appreciate along with the kickstand.

5. LG Quantum:

LG Quantum

If you are surprised to see it here then so are we. There are a few reasons that brings the Quantum down to number five one because of the build quality associated with it and second the looks that are on offer. The Quantum bears some great features but in no way is the best WP7 device available right now. The phone carries the Qualcomm QSD8250 1GHz Scorpion (Snapdragon) almost a constant in all the WP7 devices. A 3.8 inches WVGA touchscreen and a rear facing Five megapixel camera on the back.

So there it is guys our take on the WP7 devices of the year. It might differ yours the rankings here are based on our perception of the features and their comparison but we are always open to your suggestions from our readers.