BlackBerry OS 6 Web Browser: Features & Review


Probably the best feature that the Blackberry OS 6 launched two days back packed inside it was the new and improved Blackberry Web Browser The new web browser is based on the WebKit a feature that is available in both the iOS and the Android devices and believe us or not the browser scored 208 on a HTML5 test conducted by Engadget where the iOS 4 could manage only a 185 and the the HTC incredible could manage a mere 151. Now if that does not get you interested then there has to be something seriously wrong!

BlackBerry OS 6 Web Browser: Features & Review

Anyways keeping the tests apart the browser really boasts some real handy and cool features and the people back at Blackberry’s are not short of showing it off at the Official Blackberry Blog. The browser in short will feature:

  • New start page with a focus on bookmarks and search
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Support for subscribing to RSS feeds
  • Smoother panning and zooming
  • Pinch to zoom on touchscreen phones

We shall discuss how each of these features enhances the usability of the browser and how exactly does the browser serve the purpose for tech-freaks like us;

New start page with a focus on bookmarks and search- When browsing on the desktop people usually tend to be long and fairly less focused but while browsing on the phone the sessions are smaller, frequent and focused so the Blackberry people have streamlined the BlackBerry Browser start page and implemented a single URL and search entry box to make sure users can get to websites quickly. To further simplify access to favorite and commonly used sites, users can now save bookmarks directly to the Home Screen!

Tabbed browsing- We have all used tabs in our browsing sessions to enhance the browsing experience from our browser so the people at Blackberry also have incorporated this feature into their browser so that people can easily switch between the multiple page that they can browse in a single window.

Support for subscribing to RSS feeds- The BlackBerry Browser’s integration with the new Social Feeds application will make it easy to discover and subscribe to new RSS feeds within your favorite sites. The ability to add RSS feeds has long been an option in the BlackBerry Browser, but the feature was not as easy to use in previous versions.

Smoother panning and zooming- Significant effort has been made to make panning and zooming in on content much smoother.

Pinch to zoom on touchscreen phones- the Blackberry browser developers have enabled pinch to zoom controls for smartphone with touchscreen, and for all smartphones with trackpad navigation controls, users can quickly and smoothly zoom by holding ALT while using the trackpad.

To make reading text-heavy content simple on BlackBerry 6, we’ve introduced an “Automatic Font Size Adjustment” feature which allows users to quickly resize and confine content to the width of the screen. This new feature minimizes the need to pan horizontally to read “the entire story”. This feature couldn’t be easier to use on touch screen-enabled BlackBerry smartphones: just double-tap the article with your finger and the BlackBerry Browser does the rest! Isn’t that amazing it finally seems that Blackberry was able to come up with that could challenge the best in the business.

Well done RIMM!