BlackBerry Style 9670: Specs & Review of Rim Blackberry Clamshell


RIM Is probably one of the most leaky of the mobile companies in the world, while big guns like Apple do all sorts of stuff to keep their newest releases inside the hood we come to know of the detailed design and features of a Blackberry device much before it is launched. For example the 9670 is one of those phones which has been seen and talked a hundred times before this but today the FCC leak has finally given the set a new brand name it is officially called the Blackberry Style and is the same phone that was codenamed the Blackberry Oxford.

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The Blackberry Style 9670 is already a movie star, staring in a series of leaked YouTube commercials demonstrating RIM’s new Clamshell style smart phone. The phone of course has the clamshell type form factor and like all of the other Blackberry phones is pretty big and bulky. It seems to be running RIM’s new Blackberry OS 6. There’s no launch date, no technical specs, rumor is it’ll be available on Verizon and Sprint by the end of the year, but that seems to just be rumor. The phone shall be equipped with the Full QWERTY keypad  and have a trackpad instead of a trackball for navigation. It will have a non-touch screen that comes with a good enough resolution and size of 360 x 400 and 3.6’’ respectively.

The external display has a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels which indeed is quite good for the external screen of a clamshell form phone. The phone comes with a 5 megapixel resolution camera and also features Flash, LED and Auto focus. It has microSD/microSDHC Memory slot with an 8GB card included in the package right from the start and the connectivity is via HTML, micro USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It allows us to use PhoneBook and its capacity depends on the memory available in the system. This also enables Ring ID, Picture ID, search by both first and last name, Multiple numbers per contact & Caller groups. Other features it has are 624MHz processor, 512MB of memory, a 1500 mAh battery, an Alarm, Calendar, To-Do / Tasks list, Calculator, World clock, Email, Voice recorder, Speaker phone and A-GPS.


RIM BlackBerry Style 9670 specifications

Here are the features of the phone in an enlisted manner for those that like to compare the phones based on their features.

  • Network
    • Type :CDMA dual band (800/1900 MHz)
    • 3G Capable : Yes
  • Battery
    • Type :Li – Ion
  • Main Display
    • Resolution : 360 x 480 pixels
    • Type : Color
  • Camera
    • Resolution :5 megapixels Resolution
    • Features : Flash: LED; Auto focus
  • Multimedia
    • Video Playback :Yes
    • Music Player :MP3
  • Memory
    • Memory Slot :microSD/microSDHC
  • Software
    • Smartphone :BlackBerry OS 6.0.x
  • Input
    • Predictive Text Input :Yes
    • Keyboard :Full keyboard (QWERTY)
  • Connectivity
    • Internet :HTML
    • USB :microUSB
    • WiFi :Yes
    • Bluetooth :Yes
  • Other Features
    • PhoneBook :Capacity depends on system memory; Ring ID, Picture ID, Search by both first and last name, Multiple numbers per contact, Caller groups
    • PIM :Alarm, Calendar, To-Do / Tasks, Calculator, World Clock
    • Voice :Recording, Speaker Phone
    • Email :Yes
    • GPS : A-GPS

Today, however, a leaked screen shot of an internal Sprint machine has hit the web showing the BlackBerry Style 9670 within the wireless carrier’s database but that in no way is sufficient to show that the device is going to the Sprint carrier only. We are not very sure that the device is impress many because of the Clamshell form factor and the enormous size but the 4G connectivity of the device is definitely going to be a plus point.

So, get ready! Here comes another Blackberry knockin’ on the market doors.

Blackberry Style 9670 First Look Review & Software Overview