Google Android OS vs. Samsung Bada OS: Who will win the battle?


We must all know about the Android operating system. There must be so many among us who are big aficionados of this platform. There are also many background reasons for this fan following. Contrary to this, there is yet another OS launched in the market by Samsung, called the Samsung Bada OS. The Bada OS does not seem to be as famous and popular as the Android, I must say, but there have been a lot of talks about the Bada OS giving a speculation of competition to the Android. Thus, it does seem that there must be something in the Bada OS handsets which may draw the attention of the buyers compared to the contemporary Android counterparts. We shall definitely find out from the comparison of the Android and Bada OS, why is there a possibility of Bada gaining popularity which may, in future reply back to Android.

Google Android OS vs. Samsung Bada OS

Firstly, I would like to point out that the motto of Samsung at the launch of the Bada platform was to spread the use of the “smartphone like” features at the lower end of the mobile market. And this does seem pretty true looking at the configuration of the handsets which accompany the Bada OS. This seems to be the main attraction of the OS. The Bada OS is new in the market and thus might need polishing here and there, and there are still a few bugs which need to be corrected, but the overall look and feel of the OS is great for a start. The Android OS is also great and efficient, but it still needs polishing at places as well.


In terms of customization and interface, the Bada OS has a lot to say. Now, both the Android and Bada platforms provide great customizations for the interface. But, as an advantage for the Bada platform, it uses the Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. This shall provide for widgets like calendar, weather, and social networking to be right there in front of you. You can see the upcoming birthdays on your home screen because the widgets are mostly integrated to your social networking profiles as Facebook and Twitter. The updates of your friends and their status shall clearly be seen on the home screen. The Android does provide for widgets but not in such a grand way as the Bada.

The field of multimedia is where the Bada OS beats the Android, but not by much. The music and video player accompanied by the Bada handsets are just amazing, full of features and provide great sound quality. Apart from this, the Super-AMOLED display is another great advantage of the Bada OS. Viewing experience is entirely of a different level. But, in the case of Android OS, it may not be accompanied such great video and music players, unless it is coming on the Samsung handsets. But, the Android handsets coming from Samsung, with the same great features, are too costly to reach us all. So, Bada seems pretty preferable in this aspect as well.

The most attractive feature for the Android OS is the backup provided by its huge app store, containing over 200,000 apps in the market. Moreover, because the Android comes from Google, thus it provides a huge synchronization with all that is Google (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Talk, and so on). This is the main advantage of Android over Bada. Bada app store has around 500 apps but the development rate seems good enough. Thus, in the coming years, there is a possibility of Bada becoming a known and popular OS as the Android.

Below is a table of comparison for you to see which OS is better at what.

Category Android OS
Bada OS
Display Better
Multimedia Better
Customization Better
App store Better
Google Synchronization Yes
Cost effective Better