Gresso Grand Premier: Specs and Review of $50,000 featurephone


Phones these days have become more of a status symbol than a electronic good of general utility in fact it is now a thing of the previous generation when the phones was used for just making a phone call, even a taxi driver can match you if you don’t have a phone which can be used for show off. Luckily some of the mobile phone companies in the world have kept this in mind and have come up with some real good phones for the upper and upper and middle class which show some real mettle.


Today we are going to talk about this amazing new device that comes from the house of the Gresso Company the manufacturer of luxury mobile devices, continues the legendary Avantgarde Collection and presents an exclusive Grand Premiere mobile phone. The leading model is designed for the most sophisticated and well-off persons, who truly appreciate and value the luxury.


Gold has been the symbol of the luxury for a long time now and the company has realized the fact in this collection with the phone’s body made of the noble model. The body is a gorgeous combination of yellow gold and black surface sapphire screen adds the phone a luxurious color touch and gives the owner as much of show as he can ask for The gold navigation and functional keys of the Grand Premiere model are created by precision cutting technologies, the one used for creating the polished edges of a diamond. Everything about the phone has an amazing look to it with the numbers and letters on keys are applied by laser, highlighting designer accent is the gold inset triangle-shaped piece and the Gresso logo, which completes the classy look of the phone.


As far as the technical details are concerned it gives the owners all the features that one can ask for from a good clamshell design phone. It runs the S40 feature phone UI (which the company mistakenly lists as Symbian S40), which is normally only used on phones with a sub-200? price tag. It measures a 121x46x12 mm which the manufacturers say that is the thinnest it could get in this class. Also the weight of the phone is a good 190 gms. which again is one of the higher side but we assume that  nothing much can be done about this as the device is made up of complete gold.

The Gresso Grand Premiere price is estimated at $50,000 and since it is a limited collection, the 30 exquisite masterpieces will be etched with a personal number located on the back panel.  The feature phone will go on sale before the end of the month just 50 units in total will be made, so you better hurry up if you want to get your hands on one.

So there it is guys that is all we know about the phone, do let know your opinions about the same in the comments section below.