HP Mini 100e Education Edition Netbook: Specs, Price & Review


HP Mini Netbook for Students:

With the availability of a wide range of laptops and netbooks available in the market today, it seems to be rather difficult to decide on what device to buy for your youngsters. The requirements of the kids must be met, and as well as the laptop must comply with the present day technology. Thus, one of the most feasible options in this particular case is that you can consider buying the HP mini 100e netbook. The netbook from the house of HP is packed with loads of fun, besides being especially meant for the young kids.

HP Mini 100e Education edition Netbook

The HP mini 100e Education Edition netbook is a mini-laptop as the name suggests, and is mainly targeted at the young consumers specifically the kindergarten up to the sixth graders students. Besides this, the laptop is education-centered and is aimed to help schools purchase low-cost computers together with reliability of the PC.

Being a competitor to the Intel’s Classmate PC, the HP mini 100e Education Edition netbook is not provided with the swiveling camera or the HDD shock protection as the former is. The laptop is featured with a student-friendly design, and also helps keeping things simple for kids yet giving them a good quality of computing. Accompanied by a 10.1-inch LED backlit WSVGA display at 1024x600p resolution support, and a 92 per cent full-sized QWERTY keyboard, the laptop weighs only about 3.19 pounds and comes with a 3 or 6-cell battery.


HP Mini 100e Education Edition Netbook Specs

  • The HP mini 100e Education Edition netbook sports a traditional clamshell exterior with a carrying handle to provide a grip of the laptop easily. Also, other noteworthy features of the netbook include a spill-resistant keyboard to minimize damage to the inside.
  • The technical specifications of the laptop include the dimensions of 1.57 x 10.87 x 9.87 inches.
  • The laptop is to be powered by Intel Atom N455 CPU processor, and will be accompanied by a 1 GB DDR3 RAM (or up to 2GB) and 160GB HDD/ 16GB SSD storage.
  • The laptop shall be provided with Intel NM10 Express chipset, and an option between Windows 7 Starter, Windows XP Home, or SuSE Linux as the operating system to be supported by the laptop.
  • The HP mini 100e Education Edition netbook is also to provide Wi-Fi connectivity, and is accompanied by an integrated worldwide modem (V.92).
  • The laptop is also to be coming with Headphone jack, VGA webcam and audio ports.
  • As the laptop is an Education Edition one, thus it shall come pre-installed with some education-friendly software from Microsoft, the list of which includes Microsoft Math, Microsoft Live Movie Maker, Microsoft Learning Essentials, Microsoft Reader, Microsoft Office 2010 Starter, Evernote, PDF Complete and Browser plug-ins, and Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Read more Technical specifications.

The PC consumers can also purchase certain accessories while buying the laptop as HP slip case, Combo lock, optical mouse, and External USB drive.

HP Mini 100e Price & Availability:

The laptop is to be accompanied by a price tag of $300 and seems to be a good option especially if you are looking for a netbook for your kids. The HP Mini 100e is already available worldwide from July.

HP Mini 100E Netbook: Hands-on Video

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