HTC One Max Reviews: What cNet, Engadget, Verge and other Expert says


Know what experts… cNet, Engadget, Verge and others say about HTC One Max, with which HTC planned to go well into Phablet territory by offering a really large 5.9-inch display.

HTC One…HTC One Mini…and now HTC One Max. Recently, HTC has declared a new entry in the HTC One family, HTC One Max, which is really ‘big and powerful’. No doubt the HTC One is one of the top devices of 2013 holding stunning design, a great display and a lovely user experience from the Sense 5 software. But, it couldn’t get the attention of Samsung’s ever-green Galaxy range. Then HTC followed Samsung’s example in distilling the brand for a smaller version, and offered HTC One mini. And now; HTC has scaled things extra up with the HTC One Max, offering the really big screen Sense experience with a 5.9-inch display along with metal body, UltraPixel camera technology and all arguably ingredients for the perfect phablet. Based on the whole scenario, HTC One Max is going to be the handset that can even topple Samsung’s Note range. Is it possible?

Showing HTC's biggest display ever and highlighted fingerprint scanner on back

Your curiosity may end now, as here you can make out right answer based on the fair reviews of technology web experts like,, Cnet, Techradar, Slashgear,,, gsmarena and engadget. So, read it first then decide – YES…or NO.

If you are in the market for a phablet; just go to HTC One Max, because the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is just big whereas the One max is bigger by adding more than an inch of extra display space. HTC One Max sports a 5.9-inch 1080p display. Another most exclusive add-ons of it is the introduction of the ‘Fingerprint Scan’ feature. It is powered by 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor and has 2GB of RAM, 16GB/32GB of internal storage (can hold up to 64GB with a microSD card) along with 3300mAh battery. It runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean along with HTC’s new Sense 5.5 UI. It measures in 164.5 x 82.5 x 10.29mm with a weight of 217 grams. It also holds 4MP UltraPixel camera and a 2.1MP front-facing shooter, plus front-facing BoomSound speakers. All these wonders wrapped up in its well-known all-aluminum body. Here One Max echoes devices from competitors Samsung and Sony, however manages to hold on to some of the smaller One’s metallic style. Overall, now you can say that HTC is the latest major phone maker to jump on the massive-handset bandwagon with its new HTC One Max.


Also check whether HTC One Max will able to please HTC fans or upset them once again?

At, HTC One Max is praised for its boosting size along with it criticized for its weight. Also, its unique addition of a fingerprint scanner on its rear side is noted, but with remarks that it isn’t as neat as the iPhone 5s’s, and only good at basic use moreover sometimes hinders camera lens visibility. Some good changes are also mentioned like the removable back cover that allows you expand the 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage with up to 64GB more via microSD — a missing feature on the One and on the One X. The main drawback noted by the site is that the One Max still sticks with a Snapdragon 600 (with 2GB of RAM) for processing; on the other hand, rival devices like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hold the superior Snapdragon 800. Positivity is noted on the software side, as it is powered with revised version of HTC’s Android skin, Sense 5.5, which runs on top of Android 4.3 and to provide a new level of customization.


Here, the product is reviewed really in depth, in 1 to 12 web-pages namely introduction, design, display, user interface, fingerprint sensor, Google and other communicating services, video & Audio connections quality, still camera, video camera, connectivity options, organizer, web browser and more. In final words, Gsmarena considered the HTC One Max as a solid phablet – with no option. It added that

The awesome screen is agreeably complemented by the front-mounted stereo speakers and superb battery life, making One Max the best devices for gaming and watching video. Even it granted that the built-in video player is fairly limited in terms of codec support, however this could be solved with the Google Play Store. As per the site, metal unibody makes the One Max hottest looking phablets. The UltraPixel camera is all good besides only low light photos. Also, there’s the chipset, which while without doubt snappy, is not the stuff that expected from the present flagships. Again, there is noted lack of more power with Snapdragon 800. A screen diagonal is only a fraction of an inch bigger than of the Galaxy Note 3, but One Max sounds too big for some being the 13mm taller, 3mm wider and 2mm thicker than the Note.

Gsmarena pointed that HTC One Max has to face more challenges what the HTC One had faced at its launch. Here unique fingerprint sensor is at strength side, but not so much because of its limited functionality. While not directly, but Gsmarena considers The Sony Xperia Z Ultra much better choice than HTC One Max.

The main apprehension here is strange arrival timing of HTC One Max, because HTC One is already in the market offering majority of similar specs with which new one comes. This will make him old before its mature selling time starts. And most importantly, it will launch with large rivals. The HTC One max is highly criticized for being designed the same of its HTC ONE line-up, same position of micro-drilled holes of BoomSound speakers, same high-quality aluminium, and same plastic band.

The HTC One max has a 3300mAh battery which is a reasonable to get through the day with the given size, but HTC didn’t think option of heavy users. Users may delight with ZOE camera but there is still same quality, just as the HTC One had earlier. Of course, there’s a new dual shot mode to capture the front and rear cameras at the same time, but this feature has already introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S4 earlier in the year. Users can capture lovely photos in good light, but things are demoted as the light drops. We truly liked Sense 5 on the HTC One, and this time One max takes Sense 5.5 on it with some vital updates to give you a better experience daily use.

Viewing photos is a pleasure because there’s so much space. But this strength is also criticized with saying that The HTC One max won’t be for everyone, excluding you’ve got big pockets as well as want the HTC experience on a bigger phone. In reality, still the original HTC One would be the better option.

When it comes to Samsung, it replicated the design but not the specs of its Galaxy S4 for the S4 Mini and Galaxy Mega unlike HTC did for its HTC One line-up. It is true that the One Max will ship running the latest version of Android — 4.3 Jelly Bean similar to the Note 3. But actually, it becomes imminently outdated. This thing doesn’t matter serious for the Note, as it offers a stylus, or any of the purpose-built stylus-optimized features, unlike HTC One max. But also note that HTC One Max is in fact the first HTC device to run Sense 5.5.

One Max steps up from the Xperia Z Ultra and the Note 3 with a very powerful 3,3000mAh battery compared to 3,050mAh and 3,200mAh batteries respectively. In test, the One Max was still kicking along contentedly after well over a day of gaming, watching HD video, downloading bits and bobs and other usage. With this aspect, it would be surely best you can expect from recent Android phablets. Being part of HTC, you can have one more option of HTC Power Flip case to get an extra few hours of power with One Max.

Unfortunately, here’s nothing on the One Max we haven’t seen earlier than from HTC in the camera department. But you can’t neglect one of the most notable features of the HTC One Max that sets it unique from other HTC phones along with all Android phones — is the addition of a fingerprint scanner, which can be used instead of a PIN number or password to unlock the phone. Even up to three different fingers can be linked to this scanner as well as stored in the phone’s memory. Again positivity turns into negativity, as the sensor is located on the back of the phone – directly below the camera lens, it may sometimes difficult to be sure that you are swiping the correct element. The scanner on the One Max is compared in terms of accuracy and ease of use with the home button sensor on the iPhone 5s, and the result you can assume. For design, you can say HTC One Max has to be one of the most beautiful Android devices ever produced.


For hardware and design point, Slashgear noted that measuring at 164.5 x 82.5 x 10.29 mm and 217g, HTC One Max is a monster in comparison to the original One with 137 x 68 x 9.3 mm, 143g. it called “super sized” but Slashgear felt that it’s just too bulky and heavy. With metal body, HTC One max has been admired but white plastic rim around the bezel feels cheaper. It’s bright, and has great viewing angles, and beautifully accurate colors as well as it will work with a generic capacitive stylus but lacks the precise digital pen found on the Note 3. Inside, you get the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quadcore but for the first time (outside of Asia variants); the One family has a microSD card slot, too. Here, 3,300 mAh is still non-removable.
Its bigger body also allows for bigger BoomSound, which are HTC’s stereo front-facing speakers that means One max may well seize the impromptu-conference-call crown from BlackBerry. They’re surely louder and clearer than before, and actually we’d be comfortable calling the One max something like the best-sounding Android phone

As the One max puts its fingerprint sensor on the back, rather than the front; the overall experience lacks the polish that gives fingerprint sensors promise. Here low-light performance is an exacting power, as the oversized pixels doing a superior job of capturing all the available light. However there’s a tendency to more blur compared to the original phone due to the omission of optical image stabilization. Moreover, its one new feature – dual-shot mode put phone aside from others.


On Techradar, HTC One Max get ranked with 3 out of 5. For design, it got 3 star; 4.5 star for features, 4 star for performance, 3.5 star for usability, and just 2 star for value. On liking, Techradar praised HTC One Max for its much-improved battery life due to the larger innards and most importantly, it manages to keep that power down. HTC fans, around the world, are highly delighted for the addition of a microSD slot. Other good additions are the ability to better manage Blinkfeed, the simplicity with which one can enter the gallery and see video highlights, along with the 50GB of Google Drive storage. All these are really excellent ideas and support an already great phone that’s been brought up to a larger frame.

Main problem is that HTC One Max is almost the same to the One, excluding with a bigger screen. Even, there’s been no effort to make use of that upgraded size; it means the One Max has very not enough unique selling points. Techradar pointed that its fingerprint scanner is a real waste of time, as putting it on the rear of the device on a hard to reach place is never going to be a good idea. The One Max is also very cumbersome; so chances are more that you may drop it if you try to use it in one hand very often. It could be not as good as, but those BoomSound speakers do nothing to help the ergonomics. Even, it is so costly. Here specs were certainly uprated; but actually, it doesn’t even have something that included in the improved list over the original that released over half a year ago. So, it is hard for us to recommend it.


Cnet reviewed that it wasn’t so thrilled by it. Cnet praised its largeness as well as pleasing smartphone features, but the same also done by the smaller HTC One and One Mini. It stated that it doesn’t make any sense that HTC tried to lure customer only with big screen. Even, don’t forget that such a large phone is simply harder to carry around and jam into pockets. Thus, here is the question linked to convenience – so are you ready to adjust with diminished comforts? On the other hand, Note 3 does a good job, having superior 13MP camera.


At; big, bright display of One Max is admired along with its solid build quality, and speedy performance. Its Sense 5.5 adds some truly useful features without complicating things too much. It has great battery life but huge size makes it difficult to handle. Its 4 megapixel camera disappoints fans. Fingerprint scanner is unique but offers questionable value. It only has 16GB of base storage.

It is for sure that the One Max is bigger than HTC One, but also a lesser phone than the HTC One not having its key-features. If you’re just interested to get full HTC experience on a larger display, then this is that device. And right now, it’s the nearby HTC tablet. However for most HTC fans; the smaller, better-looking HTC One otherwise the higher-end and more manageable Galaxy Note 3 will be better options.


Like others, theverge also criticized its awkward fingerprint scanner. It has great display, great speakers but the same 4 megapixel camera, really embarrassing. Here, epic battery life and side-mounted power button are included in good stuff. Theverge pointed out the phone as too large and awkward to hold. Even, it isn’t as fit and finished as the original One also Camera lacks optical image stabilization that is key-feature of the original One. HTC One Max holds 6 star out of 10, somewhat good but not considered BETTER.