iLife 11 Review: Price & Release date announced at Back to the Mac


The Apple iLife 11 seems to be what the users have always wanted from Apple, a device quite robust and powerful, and has even been divided into three main parts, which have been called as the iPhoto 11, iMovie 11 and GarageBand 11. This total suite is all you need to perform the various editing tasks as in the cases of video, photo and multi-media, and these shall take place quite effectively, efficiently and of course conveniently inside your Mac OS X. now, let us one by one discuss the details of the product. Apple iLife 11 release date has been announced at Back to the Mac event.

iLife 11 Review: Price & Release date announced at Back to the Mac

iPhoto 11

On the new Mac OS, the iPhoto 11 is sure to bring forth a whole new experience and take it to yet another level. The iPhoto 11 shall enable the putting of your photos on a slideshow which shall facilitate you to share it with your friends or family for that matter. You can even post it on the wall of your Facebook account by just one click. With slight resemblance with the iPad, you can even arrange your photos and put them playing on a slideshow in full screen mode. This can greatly help if you are down, or feeling low, or rather getting bored.


iMovie 11

The iMovie 11 is quite comparable, or rather similar to the Windows Movie Maker. This is rather an enhanced version of the latter. The iMovie 11 will enable you to transform your normal looking video-clips into a professional looking hollywood trailers. By this, you will be able to share all you need with your family and friends. The iMovie 11 shall cater to different styles and environment and you can choose them instantly as your background for the videos to come to life. Apart from this, the iMovie 11 shall provide you with the ability to experience enhanced audio and visual editing as it shall contain all the basic necessities which you require. Now, apart from these said facilities, the iMovie 11 also contains the People Finder option which will enable the users to quickly find the clips with faces by scanning it then marking it so you won’t be lost on your home-made film.

GarageBand 11

The GarageBand will mainly help you to fix audio recording. This is provided with two new features, one of them being Flextime which enables users to move, stretch or shorten a certain audio clip you want just by clicking the part of its waveform and distort it into any pattern you like, and the other is Groove Matching, which you can imagine to be Apple’s own version of auto-tuning. All you need to do is pick a track on the ‘groove track’ and the system will match the rhythmic feel of the sound to blend well with your audio mix.

The iLife 11 is available online for a price tag of 49 USD. The iLife family pack includes five licenses and is available for 79 USD. You can even get the whole iLife, iWork and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) for 129 USD.

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  • Kendall

    is ilife 11 rumors? cool!! whtever i love that app. so easy. yet again looking forward for dreviews.

  • Asim

    gr8 video !! vih exact ilife 11 release date? I need to knw b’caz want to ilife 11 download!! so….. :) :)

  • Mac

    ilife 11 new features r really awesome…..with dis version i wil b able 2 share photo with my family & frnds…..i can’t wait to buy )))

  • Robert

    it’s just ilife. the only thing i even bother to use is iphoto.

  • mohamed

    i hv bought every version of ilife since it was introduced. dis is d first version of ilife tht i feel disappointed in. ilife 11 features nt impressed me! :cry: