iSeeU iPhone Accessory Review: FaceTime Video Calls on iPhone 3GS


One of the main features of the iPhone 4 which caught everyone’s attention and gained a lot of prominence is the FaceTime which would enable video calls. This feature had clearly marked a demarcation between the iPhone 4 and the previous versions of the iPhone. But, now it does seem that this demarcation is to receive a shift towards the back with the enabling of video calling on iPhone 3GS as well. Playmass, which is a Korean company, has now brought forth and announced the launch of an accessory for the iPhone 3GS called the iSeeU. The accessory is quite interesting and very innovative, and is said to allow the users of iPhone 3GS to make video calls.

iSeeU : iSeeU iPhone Accessory Review: FaceTime Video Calls on iPhone 3GS

Now, as we all know that the iPhone 3GS does not come with a front facing camera, thus making the whole concept of video calling from the iPhone 3GS a non-pleasurable event. The experience of video calling is not going to be as great as that of the iPhone 4 which has got a front facing camera. Thus, even with the availability of a bunch of apps for the iPhone 3GS for this purpose, the video calling feature for this handset still remained at the background.

But now, iSeeU accessory is an incremental growth in this aspect. It actually does make the experience of video calling better than that with the other apps available. The accessory need to be attached to the iPhone 3GS. When the user shall flip the accessory open, there are present a series of mirrors which shall get revealed, and these mirrors will project your image on to the rear camera present on the iPhone 3GS. Now, this shall cause in a remarkable change. The users may now be able to see their face in the verge of video calling and this shall just act as that of the FaceTime video calling feature of the iPhone 4. This seems to be very impressive and cool.

One of the good things about the iSeeU accessory for the iPhone 3GS is that the user can even swivel the accessory to the side for the purpose of switching to the rear camera. For all the users owning the iPhone 3GS and hoping that one day you can even make video calls as that of the FaceTime from iPhone 4, your dreams seem to be coming true. The iSeeU accessory is made available now for the placement of pre-orders and is expected that the accessory will be out for sale on the later part of this month. The price tag which is expected to be accompanying this cool accessory for the iPhone 3GS is about $24.95. The iSeeU accessory is to be available in quite a vibrant set of shades which include lack, white, blue, pink and green and is also to be coming along with a carry case. Also, you can take a look at the working of this accessory as several videos have been put up by the iSeeU on YouTube. One of such videos is shown above.

  • Samntha

    honestly useless goods, considering d iphone 4 is basically the iphone 3gs bt with more power/better speed, n other features how often will u use facetime or video call?
    for me, nt at all.

  • Melissa

    but has any1 actually tried it with a 3GS and which apps is it compatible with?