Jolicloud Jolibook Netbook Review: Price, Specs & Release Date


The power of Cloud computing never seems to amaze me less. The possibility of having a complete operating system in the cloud is in itself a super amazing thought. The company called Jolicloud ( has long been working on an operating system on the same lines. The company is now claiming to have developed a computer that is running on their cloud based operating system which they are calling the Jolicloud and the notebook computer is being called the Jolibook. So to put it all straight Jolicloud is a Linux-based operating system developed by a company of the same name which is running on the cloud.

Jolicloud Jolibook Netbook Review: Jolicloud Jolibook Price, Specs & Release Date

According to the official site of the device builders something big is going to happen this month in the world of little computers which of course is being referred to at the launch of the new OS from the makers. The Paris-based company is definitely aiming to make waves in cloud computing with its futuristic approach to operating systems, building its vision on the idea that tomorrow’s desktop computer market will be a combination of high-end Macs or netbooks developed by them  – with not much in between.

“Designed for people who live in the cloud, it’s running the new Jolicloud 1.1 and comes pre-loaded with Chromium, Facebook, Spotify, VLC, Skype, and a bunch of cool apps that are one click away. ”With its super fast dual core Arom N550 processor, its gorgeous screen, its 250GB hard drive, and its affordable price, it should not stay on the shelf very long!”


Jolicloud 1.1 will feature a Linux kernel, which provides faster boot/resume/suspend functionality, the latest drivers for video and sound cards, webcams, or Wi-Fi cards, out-of-the-box support for Broadcom, Poulsbo and Nvidia hardware components (yes, that means you won’t have to manually install any drivers or modules). What TechCrunch has found out is that the Jolibook will use a dual core Atom N550 processor, has a 250GB hard drive and VGA port.

Here is all that can be deciphered about the specifications of Jolibook from the official website and the hands on experience that a Tech Crunch writer has had:

  • they’re effectively calling the computer a Jolibook (nothing on that site yet)
  • release is planned for this month
  • it’s a netbook that runs Jolicloud 1.1, which is the upcoming version of the OS
  • it will come preloaded with Chromium, the open source version of Google Chrome
  • the whole thing is HTML5-based, which I swear is quite impressive
  • the Jolibook will boast a dual-core Atom N550 processor (1.5 GHz)
  • it’ll come with a 250GB hard drive, a VGA port and multiple USB sockets
  • it will be able to play 720p video

Jolibook Specifications (Netbook Suggested Specs on


  • 7″, 9″, 10″ and more
  • Full support of all common netbook resolutions: 800×480, 1024×600, 1366×768


  • Internal HDD or SSD
  • Flash disks i.e. USB keys, memory cards
  • External HDD and optical players


  • Optimized for Intel Atom Diamondville e.g. N270, N280
  • Optimized for Intel Atom Silverthorne i.e. Z510, Z520, Z530
  • Optimized for Intel Atom Pineview i.e. N450, N470
  • Legacy Intel, and AMD processors (laptops and desktops should work but we can’t provide support)
  • Limited support for VIA C7-M

Graphic Chipset

  • Intel 945GSE with video chipset GMA 950
  • Intel US15W with video chipset GMA 500
  • Intel GMA 3150
  • Nvidia ION chipset
  • Legacy ATI, Nvidia chipsets

Jolicloud Internal Specs:


  • Linux (i386)
  • Linux (Atom Optimized)


  • 1.6.0

Window Manager

  • Gnome 2.24.0

Default Browser

  • Firefox 3.5.3 (XULRunner
  • Prism 1.0b2 (XULRunner

However what still is missing is actual measurements and memory capacity (and I guess not much on both pretty soon), the retail price, how and where the netbook will be distributed, if people will be willing to spend money on a Jolibook before comparing with the first Google Chrome OS computers, which should hit the market in the near future and most importantly of them all the release date of the device.

Jolicloud 1.1 preview: Flash HD 720p on Atom N550:

  • Rami

    jolicloud sucks.. It’s not stable enough..

  • Megan

    i believe jolibook would be a gr8 hit for jolicloud fans. looks gd. the specs r also great. i surprise how much ram memory will be available. just visit for buy! :)