Munk Bogballe Classic Bespoke luxury laptop: Price, Specs & Review


Most of us might not have heard of Munk Bogballe. This is a company which has brought forth a laptop now. But, what seems so special about the laptop. If you are interested to know, then here is the tag- the laptop is costly. The laptop has been termed as the Classic Bespoke. The laptop is mainly aimed for the highest strata of society, the millionaires and the billionaires for whom the MacBook does not cause any stimulation in the eyes, and need something to spend money on for satisfaction. The laptop is surely going to make quite a dashing statement if you have one, to your friends and fellow mates.

Classic Bespoke Review - Munk Bogballe Classic Bespoke luxury laptop: Price, Specs

The Munk Bogballe Classic Bespoke luxury laptop has been termed with a high price of 5,200 euros or 7,180 USD. The laptop has been quite appropriately revealed at the Millionaire Fair in Moscow. The laptop is sensational when it comes to looks. It is sure to catch the eyes of anyone, not that everyone can afford such a laptop.


The cost is very high and you must be wondering as to why one should invest such a lot of money on an electronic device, that too a laptop. But, the cost is for the things that accompany the laptop. The features or facets of the device may be thought of being overwhelming to some, but most people would rate the features being mere extravagance and luxury having no significant connection with the laptop. The details of the laptop seem to be over boastful and beyond the top.

But, as you would want to know the cause of the high pricing of Munk Bogballe Classic Bespoke luxury laptop, then it could be said that the main reasons may be the precious designing features of the device. The laptop has been rightly called as the “treat for the eyes” and is said to possess an aluminum body, calf leather accents and mahogany screen frame, complemented by a freshwater pearl On/Off button.

These details are accompanied in the standard models of the laptop. But, if you do want to spend a lot more on your laptop, then you can even choose to personalize it with any type of leather you may want, 18 carat gold as well as a line of pavé diamonds being among the options.

According to Munk Bogballe, the laptops shall be assembled by a selection of “highly skilled, seasoned craftsmen who appreciate the heritage and pursuit of excellence that characterizes the Danish design tradition.” But, with a design as detailed and extravagant as that, you might even expect that the laptop is going to possess most of the advancements in technologies.

But, in this case, you might rather be a bit disappointed because the laptop is going to be accompanied by features as a low-res 13.4″ 1366×768 display, Intel Core i5 520UM processor, 4 GB memory and 500 GB hard drive, and with this specifications, the laptop is to sell at such a high price. Anyone convinced to buy such a laptop?

  • Sarcan

    i would rather buy d asus lambo laptop then this munk bogballe classic bespoke luxury laptop, spec are much better.