Netatmo Weather Station Review: Track your environment on iPhone or Android


Access detailed review of Wi-Fi connected, “Netatmo Weather Station” that gives up to the minute weather reports as well as temperature, humidity, noise, and CO2 levels for both the inside and outside of the home on your Android and iOS device.

Weather Forecasting has become more accurate, powerful and easier than ever before with development in technology of communicating and reporting…so that we can now access the future weather in greater detail than ever before by using weather web and mobile applications. However, these options are valid for knowing which way the wind blows, but in this digital age, why not have your very own weather station right in your home? You don’t need to wait for another minute, because recently Paris-based Netatmo Company hit the market with App-Controlled Weather Station & Environment Monitor. This is the first weather station of its kind that monitors lots of parameters such as indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, noise levels, wind chill, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, and air pressure. After that, it sends all data in a neat little app on iOS and Android device that gives info of indoor and outdoor conditions and also timeline charts and complete weather forecast. It also gives sharing features to share data with your friends on facebook and twitter.

Netatmo Weather Station and iOS application screenshot

There are several types of weather stations that you can purchase to stay on top of your indoor or outdoor conditions. But most of them use simple display to show weather condition that means you can only get it when you are at home, looking at the display. Netatmo Weather Station is very unique and slick looking solution to monitor the weather when you are not in a walking mood. It stores all your measurements on its own servers and allows users to access them through their Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, tablet, and computer anywhere around the world.


Netatmo Weather Station is different from other weather monitoring products, as it includes sound pollution and CO2 value reporting. It allows users to check their home environment from anywhere around the world. Moreover, it consists of two Wi-Fi based and aluminum-bodied indoor and outdoor sensors and corresponding applications for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. It uses radio signals too for data synchronization. In addition to weather basics, Netatmo measures carbon dioxide concentration so you know when you need to ventilate your home.


Weather station conveniently presents information on easy-to-read displays. It is made with two aluminum-clad cylinders that consist of sensors and radio transmitters, an AC power adapter, a mounting screw, a mounting strap, and a USB cable. Single-piece aluminum cover makes them durable as well as weather resistant. It comes wrapped with white plastic end caps and screw cap that makes it more attractive. You can open caps to reveal the battery compartment.

The smaller weather-resistant outdoor cylinder is 1.75 inches in diameter and 4.25 inches long, while larger indoor cylinder is same in diameter and 6.15 inches long. It comes with all required accessories like micro-USB cable and a pair of AAA batteries to keep modules charged, working, and convenient to use. Indoor module doesn’t come with any kind of battery, so users have to plug it into power outlet in order to work. On the other hand, outdoor cylinder doesn’t require power plug because it is powered by four AAA batteries. The outdoor module can be also powered through USB port.

Indoor module comes with LED strips on the front that momentarily glows green when the station is powered up. With the reflection of LED color, you can get details of current CO2 levels (green is good, yellow means it could be better, and red means you should freshen the room). Mini-USB port is set on the backside of the cylinder for Wi-Fi setup and supplying power.

One can access station’s indoor and outdoor measurements on Netatmo App in very clear and comprehensive dashboards, graphs and notifications. All your data is recorded online, so you can access it anywhere, anytime through internet connected devices.

Set up:

This new weather station comes with instruction sheet…that makes set up process simpler and easier. To set up things, first you have to download free Netatmo app on your iOS and Android device from iTunes or Google Play store. Alternatively, you can connect it to the computer to set it up without downloading and installing application. You have to set up outdoor module to your fire escape, and then set up the indoor module in living room. The space between two modules should not be more than 300 feet apart from each other; otherwise it will not work properly.

Once you set up both indoor and outdoor modules properly, set up the Weather Station to attach to your home Wi-Fi network, utilizing the settings in your phone or notebook. It takes just 10 minutes for complete process from installation to set up. The app transfers your Wi-Fi-network settings and credentials to the indoor module from your iOS or Android device; as a result it can access your network.

The outdoor module is already corresponding with indoor module, so after tapping a few set up buttons and screens, it will start to work. Outdoor station transfers its data wirelessly to the indoor module, which you can upload it to the web through Wi-Fi network.

Netatmo Weather Station monitors:

  • Temperature (indoor and outdoor)
  • Humidity (indoor and outdoor)
  • CO2 concentration (indoor)
  • Barometric pressure
  • Noise pollution (indoor)
  • Local Air Quality Index report
  • Detailed 7-days forecast

What’s in the Box?

  • Netatmo weather station (indoor module + outdoor module)
  • USB cable
  • USB wall adapter
  • Wall-mount kit for outdoor module
  • 4 AAA batteries


  • Indoor module: 45x45x155 mm / 1.8×1.8×6 inches
  • Outdoor module: 45x45x105 mm / 1.8×1.8×4.1 inches
  • Indoor module powered by USB wall adapter
  • Outdoor module powered by 4 AAA batteries (up to 1 year autonomy)
  • Compatibility iPhone / iPad and Android 4.0 or higher
  • Hardware requirements: Wi-Fi router and internet access

Netatmo Application and Performance:

The Netatmo app is set up with very clean design, but the interface of the application is little difficult to figure out at first. The weather conditions are displayed in a very beautiful graphical user interface on the application that is divided into indoor and outdoor sections. It displays everything about outdoor conditions like temperature, humidity, and the highest and lowest measurements to date on the top side of the screen. On the outdoor window, you can view three-day weather forecast, rain totals and temperature trends, and also current outdoor air quality index.

The indoor section is presented just below the outdoor section along with CO2 color spot, temperature, humidity, and noise measurements. You can access general indoor conditions ranged from Very Good to Bad from the middle part of the screen as well as air quality measurement and level of pollutants. In addition to current temperature, indoor wall gives minimum and maximum temperature of the past 24 hours. Comfort icon tells you what you require to do to bring up the comfort level.

The graphical information is easy to understand for everybody. So, if you have any confusion regarding application’s numerical information, then turn the screen horizontally to access a graphical timeline of your indoor and outdoor data at your fingertips. Here, you can view temperature, humidity, sound, and CO2 separately in graph form.

Graphs can be zoomed in and out to see result of each measurement like time of day, and date very clearly and accurately. One of the best features about the application is that it allows users to set up the notification when things go wrong. By default, the application will notify about severe conditions like freeze, a pressure drop, high carbon dioxide levels, and low room temperature. It’s your own choice to turn on or off notifications. You can also add outdoor or indoor alerts you feel are important, or tweak current ones to better suit your requirements.

At the end of every week, you will get a weekly summary as well as notable event that happened this week in particular the carbon dioxide max point measured, the lowest indoor temperature measured, and more. It is one of the best applications to access your measurements and arrange your station.

The service of the application is not only limited for your indoor and outdoor environments, but also it gives World Map to get outside temperatures detail measured by a large number of worldwide users.

Want to share weather information with friends and family? Then open left side corner menu, wherein you can view account information, include extra stations and invite others to view your data by using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or email. After that, they will be able to view everything that you see, without owning a station. You can even select to contribute your outdoor data with the world map.

There is also help section offered for operating the station, understanding what each measurement means, and making the best use of the app.

Web interface:

Netatmo web application can be accessed through, just by logging in to the site. You can view all data that you access on your Smartphone in one window. It displays current indoor and outdoor conditions on left side and seven-day forecast, historical climate data on the rest of the screen. Select any one metric to view CO2 and historical data in the center part of the screen. In addition, it gives map for displaying the location of your weather station, also gives detail of signal strength and battery life of the two modules.

On the whole, Netatmo weather station and application works well and delivers indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity levels. It is available at the price of $179. However, price factor doesn’t matter because its high qualified features cover up all the things. It is very helpful tool to know more about the conditions in and around your home. If you have a hobby that requires constant weather supervision, then nothing is better than Netatmo Weather Station.


  • Improve your indoor wellness
  • Monitors indoor and outdoor Weather, Air Quality, Confinement, and Measure CO2 concentration
  • Get relevant info, take appropriate steps
  • Gives real-time alerts
  • Discover weather patterns and cycles
  • Powerful tool to understand your living environments
  • Install apps to get real-time update on Smartphone
  • Share the info on your favorite social networks
  • Lean and elegant design, made to last
  • Access your station’s measurements, from anywhere, at anytime


  • Little expensive

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