Oaxis InkCase i5 : Review of iPhone 5 protective Case With ePaper Screen


Give your iPhone 5/5s a second screen with InkCase i5. It is a brand new type of iPhone protective case that comes with an ePaper screen placed on the back side.

It’s always exciting to get your hands on a new product that is far different from the general ones. Same is the case with Inkcase for iPhone 5 and 5s. Whether you are planning to buy a standard accessory for your new iPhone 5/5s or looking to change your usual iPhone case? Here is your answer – InkCase i5, which comes with E-Paper technology and low power consumption. The e-ink display is placed on the back case intended to be used as a “second screen” for your iPhone. The users of this case will surely make them say “WOW” after using it.

InkCase i5 - an iPhone 5 protective case

InkCase i5 is distributed by Oaxis and manufactured by Singapore-based Gajah International. InkCase coverts your phone into a Yotaphone-like device, which has two screens: a standard touchscreen on the front, while an E-Ink screen on the back that can be used to display static images such as maps, tickets or notes. The Oaxis InkCase features a secondary screen intended to serve as e-Ink reader for your books and articles, show notifications and reminders, operate as picture slideshow, while protecting your iPhone similar to any other case on the market.


In order to make this high-technology iPhone case work, three major components are necessary. The first one is a low-power e-ink display that can be used to display text and images. The second component is the Bluetooth that can be used to communicate with the smartphone device. Lastly, there are right apps that can be used to drive the e-ink display. All these three components are available in the InkCase i5, however it is still lacking some apps, which results to the case’ limited functionality. InkCase is accessible to users of iPhone 5, Samsung Note II, Samsung Galaxy S4, and many more models will be added soon.

InkCase i5 in black and white color options

What makes the Inkcase i5 outstanding is the ability to display either images of your preference, match trackers, weather updates, shopping lists, and also Facebook and Twitter updates. The inkcase easily pairs with your device and compatible with the iOS, which just needs the installation of the app and the right syncing to show details. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the often eyes fatigue, as the inkcase reduces it. Thus, read constantly with no headache. A smart lighting adjuster even helps you to keep a check on your details at all times. InkCase i5 is available in black and white color options with the price tag of $129 at oaxis.com.

Oaxis InkCase i5 Specifications:

  • Display type: 3.5-inch e-paper
  • Resolution: 360 x 600
  • Data Transfer: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Connectivity: Micro USB
  • Power: Battery Li-Polymer 3.7V 500mA/h
  • Physical Properties: Dimension 127.3 X 61.8 X 13.6 mm, weight – 52 grams
  • Keypad: Power key, enter key, left arrow key, right arrow key, reset button

Photo courtesy: iphone-ticker.detabliczni.pl

OAXIS InkCase i5 demo video from youtube: