Wickr App Review – Secure Self-Destruct Messaging on Android and iOS


In this age of social networks and over sharing, is it possible to keep your information private and secure? May be “no”, as on the internet; a truly private conversation is really hard to achieve. Personal communications on social networks, apps, and e-mail are very much an open book that’s why criminals, corporations and government agencies can access it easily. But thanks to the Wickr Application that offers free and easy way for all people to send encrypted messages and leave no trace. Wickr is not new for iOS platform because it works on the iTunes stores for the last one year but recently, it expanded to reach wider audience with android version. Using this application, users can send photo, video, audio, and messages to other Wickr users without leaving digital trace that could be examined by law enforcement and cyber spies. It is self destructing messaging app that not only offers most secure form of message but also assists to protect our users’ contacts.

Wickr for Android and iOS : Self-Destruct Messaging App Review

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Wickr is brainchild of Nico Sell and Dr. Robert Statica who believe anonymous communication is a general human right and it is important to our political and social conversation. It offers military-grade encryption standards like AES-256, RSA-4096, ECDH-521, Transport Layer Security and SHA-256 to send messages, photo, video, and audio file between Wickr users. It does not ask any personal information and email address to send data that means you should not be careful to forget your password.


Every second, one is followed by many other online users also their information is hacked or sold in ways they do not understand by numerous governments and corporations throughout the world. Online communication should be undetectable by default as at present many companies like apple, facebook, google are offering free or paid messaging service that is achieved, shared with strangers, easily traceable and controlled by the receipts, and sold to marketers. But wicker is different that offers messaging service with full security as well as give a control to the sender instead of the receiver.

Perfect forward secrecy and an encryption technology are used by wickr to create and use encryption keys and delete them immediately. Most importantly, it does not allow any person to read any messages or contents sent through wickr as well offers service at free of cost. It does not take any personally identifiable information of users during the process. It is pretty good for those who are unfamiliar with various encryptions protocols and really confused what apps use to guarantee data privacy.

When you connect with Wickr to send message, your provider will see that but they can’t read your messages or learn who are communicating with you. In addition, all messages you sent disappear within six days, unless you would like them to self-destruct earlier than that. You are also able to set individual messages to autodestruct within time limit after the recipient views them.

It does not allow receiver to forward, share and spread message, as well delete conversion from the company servers within a six days so that it becomes difficult for hackers, criminals or government agencies to get back old conversations.

In the past, Snapchat has become very popular from where users send more than 350 millions photos a day. But as per my point of view, it is not good way to send photos if you would like to keep your photo safe and secure. Wickr is created by computer-security experts, so that they have added heavy-duty layers of security to keep communication private and nameless.

We all know that no security is 100%, but wickr is good to secure message, photo, video, and audio. iOS application gives ability to send PDF file with security, but this feature is not available with android version yet. It is a good alternative of free international texting tools like whatsapp, Skype and facebook messenger.

How it works:

  • First, you have to download Wickr App from Google play store or iTunes store
  • Still, it is available in beta version on android platform.
  • Once you installed it in to your mobile, you have to create an account first that takes just few minutes
  • Just select WickrID and fill all other required details
  • Once you created account, you can read bit more about wickr
  • Once everything is done you will get pop up, tap okay and continue the process
  • First screen is always the “secure conversations” screen
  • Click okay and start conversation
  • You can send encrypted messages by clicking write button in the bottom of left corner
  • After that you will get option to send a text/video message or an audio message
  • Main menu is available on top of the screen along with settings, check your ID, and log out option
  • Now conversation starts
  • When you compose message, you will get option of setting how long you would like that photo to last on your device and your friends device.
  • You can select minimum 10 seconds and maximum 8 hours time
  • If you don’t want a certain message to self-destruct, then you are also able to select too
  • You have fully right to block someone if you don’t want to talk with them anymore
  • You can see picture message only by clicking on camera icon. You can not rake a screenshot of picture because the photos vanish once you remove your finger from the screen.
  • It is equipped with time limit so that messages will be deleted a certain amount of time
  • It does not send any metadata like location, time of transmission, identity, and text changes in the message


  • Untraceable
  • Time limit
  • Not shared with strangers
  • Free to use
  • Sender controlled over who can read messages, where and for how long
  • Best available privacy, anonymity and secure file shredding features
  • No one can see the message except the person you sent it to and on the device you sent it.
  • Military-grade encryption of text, picture, audio and video messages
  • Take less than minute to get started
  • Message with Android and iDevice users
  • Don’t require personal information and email address


  • Both sender and receiver must have Wickr App to communicate
  • Don’t send PDF file with android version

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