Zoomy and ChromeVis: Chrome Extensions to ease Online Reading


For those of you who prefer reading from websites and don’t like the small font sizes that most of the websites maintain these days there is some real good news. Since the time Google Chrome started supporting extensions there has been a great upsurge in the number of add ons that help you read from a website.

The major ones from the lot are not aimed at reading beyond advertisements and reading the content at a zoomed level or zooming and highlighting the selected content. There are various add-ons for the purpose but we today fix our focus on the two of the best of the lot. They are called named the Zoomy and the Chrome VS. Here is the review of the features that you get from the two and a comparison of the features follows.

1. Zoomy– As the name suggests the Zoomy Google chrome extension is built for Zooming into a page that is being displayed onto the screen of your browser. The concept behind the feature is pretty simple. The web designers normally have to cater to the lowest common denominator requirements for the sizing of their webpages most web pages have the resolution of 800 x 1024 pixels.

Zoomy Google chrome extension

This difference is page sizes that is the difference betweeen the width and the length requirements most of the web page developers develop pages which are smaller is width and longer in length, Zoomy use this catch and zooms these sort of pages to their maximum possible width or in simple words fit the length to your screen.


Take an example, suppose that there is a website that has the resolution of its page set to 800 x 1024 and your browser of course is since set to your screen resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels will definitely have to show an image that is full screen in length but has decreased width. If the zoomy extension is being used the program understands this difference and fits the page to a resolution of 1034 x1024 automatically. If the page size is much smaller than your monitor the browser automatically zooms in until the page takes up the entire width of your display.But this isn’t for everyone it may be annoying for experienced web users but is definitely useful for people with vision difficulties.

2. Chrome Vis– Chrome Vis is another pretty useful reading extension for the Chrome browser although pretty different in working and nature than the Zoomy discussed above it still improves your reading capability many folds. The extension enlarges and presents any text that you have selected to read using your mouse control.

Chrome Vis Google Chrome Extension

ChromeVis‘s main highlights are highly configurations and simplicity in use. It never crashes and never makes the page unresponsive. It is neat, plain and stable. You could select the color of the magnified text, background color and adjust the font size. this can be done using the very simple options window of the extension. In the current version you can even select the either select a text and view the magnified on top or magnify the image as you select. You could even customize your keyboard shortcut button from the options drop down menu.
Both of the extensions are pretty different in nature and hence it is pretty difficult to make a comparison. But as far as the utility and the stability of the two is considered you can give the Chrome VIs higher marks than the Zoomy. I would go for Zoomy for my browser what would you? Do not for get to let us know in the comments section below.