Router Configuration Web Page – Xbox Live Settings


Now, Router Configuration web page and Xbox Live is undergoing service maintenance for their server. If you’re Xbox live settings have been changed and you are no longer connecting, then I have included few steps to correct the Xbox network settings. I am sure there is one question in your mind is that How I find my router configuration web page? For answer read rest of the story as provided below:

Router Configuration Web Page - Xbox Live Settings

It appears the entire world is in frenzy and Xbox Live is down. The Xbox Live is down at the exact time of 12:01AM PST, and could last anything up to 24 hours, announced by Microsoft’s. Here, you can see the video tutorial on how to change MTU settings on Xbox live.


You’ll require updating the settings for your router for some network issues. To configure it, every router has different ways and also most of the manufacturers provide a router configuration web page to edit router settings.

Accessing the Configuration Page: By going to the router’s IP address on the network, you can typically open a router’s configuration page.

To find address of

your router’s :

  1. Click Start, Run, type cmd, and press ENTER on your computer. A window with a command prompt will appear.
  2. Type ipconfig /all and press ENTER in the window.
  3. Check for a line that starts with “Default Gateway” and write down the address (usually it will be or
  4. This address your router configuration web page ip, so your url for your router configuration web page would be

To access your router’s configuration page:

Open a web browser, and in the address bar, type http:// followed by the address you wrote down. Press ENTER.

You should be able to browse the pages to find the settings you’re looking for; the layout of the router configuration page varies by model and manufacturer.

Changing Settings

To find than other, some settings on your router may be easier. Consult your router documentation or go to the manufacturer’s web site for instructions, if you need help finding a particular setting.

Here is your Router Configuration web page and video: