• Bongani Hlabisa

    please forward me the forms for submission

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  • Elizabeth Houmann

    please assist, i cannot access efiling. I am being registered but cannot complete my details on the return.

  • bernard

    your website is not up to scratch to be honest with you,i can’t acces the simple tax return page in order to submitt and it seems as if is the way the website is generating money by these delays . i’ve logged on maybe x5times but cannot acces the page at end of the day one will be regarded as a non compliant citizen. i even went to sars offices this morning in durban and told that they are offline and they have no parking ended up with a traffic fine ticket too whilst trying to be a compliant citizen.somebody must do something about this its waste of time.

  • I had an email from Sars to say that my form for Ptax2010/2 was available and I should go to efiling but when I do I cant see what I must do to get it. Please let me know as your phone lline is always too busy for me to make contact and I always like to submit my returns early. Thank you

  • John Thomson – 410622 5009 08 4

    I have recently changed my Email address from – [email protected] to – [email protected], and I have lost all my information to enable me to login to Efiling ie Login, Password etc. must I reregister for Efiling and get new information.

  • J Jamneck – 0661094078

    Is’nt SARS efiling suppose to prossess tax returns within 60 days. SARS owns me R96000. About 3 months have passed since I submit my tax return and still I have not received anything.

  • Yolanda

    I started working here this month and the lady that worked here before me left everything for me when time comes for submiting the returns but evrytime I punch in the password & login name I get told that I have the wrong password & login name. I can’t submit because I also find it hard to register on e-filling and time is running out. Please help.

  • Altagracia Bright

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    HELP DESK! Hi guys please assist! This being the 2nd year that I cannot login to e-filing, not funny! Each time I go into the NIGEL OFFICES I get told they can’t help me with this problem, and in turn they login from their desk with no problem at all?? I cannot afford to go into town each time. The very first year this service wasavailable-I logged in with no problem at all?

  • Irmgard Thorburn

    Hi SARS this is ab “left over” old lady of 74 who is not a computer fundi but who is trying from home to keep up with the world!
    I regisreed yesterday on SARS efile and SARS acknowledged this.
    I now need to get hold of the SARS forms need to complete for SARS for 2010 tax submission.
    I have had no luck in my attempts please help me
    irmgard thorburn

  • Bongani Michael

    I m’ Bongani Dlamini from Bergville ukhahlamba I owun Bongani’s carpertre contractor.The company is still in moment stedge.I still have not receive any income in our company. In the existing company I will submitting olly document thank you.

  • A Labuschagne

    I have registered last year. now that i want to submit my return, the same login and password doesnt work anymore. plse help

  • VIctor Mgudlwa

    Kindly help me, I do not know my tax number and I need to register my bond and they need the tax number. My ID number is 7006206173080 and my persal number is 53612698.

  • linda

    no matter how i try.nomatter what login name i enter or what password i enter,you keep rejecting it!!!!! that is why people dont want to use your damn efiling. To day is C OSTING ME,

  • SARS Efiling is a total waste of time and money. More than offten when I have tried to login the website will accept my usersname and password, but will not log me in. Other times if I am lucky to get log in, the website will after a few seconds show me the message “Your session has expired due to inactivity on site. please login again”. This happens quite offten during a session . Manny times all my work get lost and must I go through all the ricmaroll to login again.

    This is absolutly frustrating. I am not allowed sufficient time on the Efiling work page to complete my SARS documents or to react on messages received from SARS.

    Please help to solve the problem. i am getting fedup!!

  • f.k.coetzer

    how can i make payment arrangements on penalties since i could not get my outstanding irp 5 from my employer

  • sars

    after sars efiling members login to www.sarsefiling.co.za, page goes blank. what could be the problem?

  • Neville Morris

    I am registered but would like to submitt my return, can you kindly assist.

    Neville Morris

  • Melanie

    I have the same problem: Your session has ended due to inactivity on the site, please login again.
    Please help!!!!!

  • i did my efiling last year and now this year my password and user name will not allow me in is there another way to get in or do i have to register again

  • Stanley

    I have the same problem. Right after accessing the website (no inacitivty) I get the error message ‘your session has expired due to inactivity to the site.please login again’. Please assist. I had no problems last year or before that.


    I am registered with efiling, but are unable to fill in my IRP5 FORM, why is this

  • Mhlana Nontandazo

    I am trying to log on but my password is regected all the time , please assisi

  • samuel

    I registered last year and now I want to submit my returns. Can you assist me doing that.

  • Peggy Manganye

    Please assist me with filling in of my efiling return I forgot the pass word

  • W.J.J. Jansen van Rensburg

    I am trying to register but they keep on telling me I’m already registetred. I have not register myself previously. Where do I get the login if I’m registered by somebody else

  • Samuel

    Good day,

    My id number is 6105315664087, Samuel Ngoma, I need my Tax Reference number so that I can register as efiler.

    Thank you


  • Susan

    Sars send you sms and say you must do your IT34 AND EMP 201 AND IRP 6 etc. but then they lock your login and username and time sensitive. I did on so many occations asked for help and then it cost me again to drive 300km to Kimberley in the Northern Cape to get help – and when I get home, it is still not done properly!? SARS please!!! Give a good service rather than changing every year everything again! You ARE NOT USER FRIENDLY!!

  • maswikana

    Please assist,unable to send returns,registered already

  • Dawie Oivier

    My complaint is very much like some of the members above. After numerous unsuccesful login attempts, I e-mailed all the relevant information to eFilingAssist2, asking them to assist me. I then received their reply, telling me to do exactly what I’ve been doing ten times per day, for two weeks! The moment after loging in, the following error message appears on my screen: ‘Your session has expired, due toinacivity on the site. Please login again.” Very obviously, the problem appears to be on your website. Please do something about it, as is, the website is just a waste of precious time and effort!!

  • Gavin Adolph

    Please I forget my password and login

  • Belinda Rabe

    Have the same problem as others not being able to log in. Says ‘session expired due to inactivity’.
    Have tried everything with IT specialist and he says its Sars website. When calling Sars I am told its not them. Also have a hard time getting through by phone and need to send returns in.
    What are you (SARS)going to do about this problem?????

  • Brian

    Tried all venues to submit tax return have been turned away at the tax offices who closed their doors to the public ten minutes before the time stated on the doors. When I asked why I was told that the staff will just leave at the closing time even if you are in the building. Tried unsuccesfully to login, phoned the help line still no joy. Why is it so difficult to submit a return?

  • Isaac

    Please send me the details on how to submit my tax returns with efiling.I am already registered now I want to submit my ITR12.

  • Patricia Ethel Papier

    I cannot get access to login as asecurity message keeps on popping up.How does one get around it

  • Jeremy James Papier

    will there be an extention on the deadline

  • Hermina C E M Viljoen

    I am registered but would like to submit the return. Can you please assist on how to do it

  • ML vd Merwe

    I read through comments and I have the same problem. I just want to submit my husbands tax – for he is on the road and cannot do it. Problem: I supply the login and password about 3 to 10 times a day, just to get reply: “Please make sure you have entered a correct username and password!” I have called helpline 3x – and 2x they couldn’t help, cause my it’s not MY tax – 1x he spoke to them – got all the particulars again — needless to say I receive the same message every time I try to log in. Today is the deadline; my husband is on the road, so he cannot speak to someone at the help desk — and as they told me, they cannot help me because it is not my tax. And I cannot log-in to submit his tax – I am so frustrated, because penalties will follow, and in the meantime I struggle just to send the information in. PLEASE tell me what to do !!!!!!