10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011


Nowadays, computers have become susceptible to many safety threats due to virus attacks. It is very important to prevent any loss of important data, documents and information so people need to have a good antivirus solution on their PC. Many antivirus solutions are available in the market but the selection of right one for a reasonable price is a big task these days. An antivirus solution that utilizes fewer resources, contains frequent updates to virus definitions, fine technical support, and most significantly contains an easy to use interface, is a right antivirus solution.

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011

Most of people are connected to internet in recent time. The requirement is to protect computers from online threats with the help of Best antivirus softwares. Many free and paid anti viruses are available and being provided by many companies in the market. In 2011, most up-to-date antivirus programs have been introduced by almost all antivirus specialists. Antivirus softwares are ranked by software reviewers on the basis of configuration, speed, stealth, price, and many other factors. Free antivirus softwares are provided for 30 days or 60 days trial period with fewer features that only protect PC from viral attack but not from spyware and adware. Best Ten Paid Antivirus Soft-wares of 2011 are mentioned below.

Best Ten Paid Antivirus Software of 2011

10. GFI Vipre Antivirus 4:

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011GFI Vipre Antivirus 2011 software is high-performance antivirus software and the epitome of the phrase “mixed bag”. GFI Vipre Antivirus 4 provides world-class protection without slowing down your personal computer. GFI Vipre Antivirus 4 comes with advanced anti-rootkit technology and all-new technology, antivirus + antispyware engine. It provides cutting-edge proactive protection, full protection against email-borne threats, and free U.S. based Tech Support. GFI Vipre Antivirus 4 is ideal for Netbooks that need malware protection. It performs reasonably well in detecting known malware. In other words, GFI VIPRE Antivirus 4 provides seamless, tightly-integrated security solutions that deliver antivirus and antispyware defense, client firewall, and malicious website filtering technologies which protect against the ever-changing and sophisticated wave of malware in an inclusive, extremely efficient manner.

9. Eset Nod32 Antivirus 4:

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011ESET offers superior antivirus and anti-spyware defense PC without affecting user computer’s performance. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 is an anti virus defense tool to keep the computer system safe from known and unknown viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware, rootkits and other Internet threats. A unique proactive defense, which is now harmonized with various new features that ensures superior performance and small footprint, is offered by ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4. In the new ESET NOD32 Antivirus, the settings box develops into a dizzying array of checkboxes and drop-downs, all in a less-than-optimally-designed window. Even if Eset NOD32 Antivirus 4 is fast, its malware detection and cleanup capabilities are lacking.

8. Avira Antivir Premium 10:

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011Avira Antivir premium 10 is complete all in one solution for protection of window based desktop computers, servers and mail servers from viruses, spywares and other sorts of online as well as offline threats. It offers premium protection with real-time on-access scanning, profile-based on-demand scans and scheduling of full system scanning and updates. A POP3 based MailScanner that scans emails before they are stored on your machine is included in Avira Antivir premium 10. Necessary protection for PC with a user-friendly control center, quarantine management, fast performance and world leading detection rates is provided by the Avira AntiVir Premium 10. For easy updating, it includes an Internet-Update Wizard and detects as well as removes viruses.

7. Panda Antivirus Pro 2011:

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 is most instinctive protection for computer and easy-to-use. After installing it, users can chat, share photos and videos, buy online, read their favorite blogs or simply surf the Web with complete peace of mind and without interruptions of viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers and online fraud. A host of utilities and new features are included in it for users’ peace of mind and total satisfaction. To protect the USB drives from infections, Panda USB Vaccine is included in this new version, and to disinfect all types of malware on computer even if Windows does not boot, it includes Panda Safe CD. Users are allowed to play games without interruption by the new multimedia/gaming mode and to check the status of the home computers by the Home Network Manager.

6. Avast Pro Antivirus 5:

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011

Avast Pro Antivirus 5 is a package of applications that provides unwavering protection and a robust selection of features. Aim of Avast Pro Antivirus 5 is to protect the computer from a possible virus infection or other malware threat. Avast Pro Antivirus 5 will considerably decrease the risk of the computer being attacked or infected by a virus, and thus the risk of losing important or private data, if it is used correctly and in a combination with other programs such as data backup utilities. Avast Pro Antivirus 5 provides faster scanning with enhanced detection ability. It includes some real-time “Shields,” which continuously monitor users email and internet connections and checks the files on users’ computer whenever they are opened or closed.


5. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus 2011:

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus 2011 is a quick antivirus engine that contains powerful browsing protection. It combines good security with simple usability. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus 2011 is made with several improvements to protect the computer from a number of threats. Cloud-based security is added in this software to improve detection and resource usage. Trend Micro Titanium antivirus software detects threats previous to they make their way to the computer by running most of the security processes online. As people visit the websites, the program will also check websites and block those that may, or are confirmed to be dangerous.

4. Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus 2011:

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus 2011 is the backbone of PC’s security system, easy to use and very effectual at blocking new malware attacks. Real-time automated protection from a range of IT threats is offered by Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011. Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus 2011 protects the files, documents & photos from hackers, provides fundamental identity theft protection, prevents cybercriminals from hijacking PC, and blocks activity of suspicious programs. A number of latest and enhanced features together with unique protection technologies are offered by Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 to address the latest online threats, keeping your PC running smoothly and customize protection.

3. G-Data AntiVirus 2011:

G DATA AntiVirus 2011 is a complete safety solution for the home computer due to PC will be scanned by it at regular time intervals or whenever it is set. Most malware can be identified and removed by G DATA AntiVirus 2011 in no time at all. G Data AntiVirus comes with all the necessary tools to keep the computer protected. G DATA AntiVirus 2011 is featured with the unique integration of two separate scanning engines and the self-learning fingerprinting and whitelisting. With strong malware detection, blocking, and removal capabilities, G-Data AntiVirus 2011 is a solid package.

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011G DATA AntiVirus software is able to mechanically analyze files and determine if they pose a threat. Ultimate protection is provided by G data antivirus 2011. The cloud computing technology is used in G data antivirus 2011 to update the antivirus program as a result ensuring recent improvements and enhancements to the software are added without any delay. G data antivirus 2011 is also featured with continuous and optimal protection against viruses; fast to deliver solutions for new viruses; utilizing latest technologies and methods in virus detection; automatic protection at the background; elegantly designed dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of events.

2. BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011:

BitDefender’s award-winning antivirus security solutions are used by millions of computer users worldwide to protect their PCs, data, and identities from viral attack, all in a friendly and customizable control panel. Three levels of antivirus protection are offered by BitDefender for users’ home and/or home office PCs and each level is designed to meet users’ specific needs. Users, whether who are beginners or experts, parents or gamers, are allowed to easily manage their online security in their best way by customized user profiles of BitDefender Antivirus.

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011

BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 is featured with superb phishing protection that is normally found only in a full suite. Inclusive proactive protection against all Internet security threats, along with system maintenance and backup is provided by BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011, without slowing down PCs. Three distinct UI views and tons of configuration options are offered by it.

BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 automatically activates Game, Laptop, or Silent Mode to minimize interruptions, prolong battery life, or reduce system load to ensure seamless and secure gameplay. It also matches the interface to users’ level of console by choosing between Basic, Intermediate, or Expert settings and quickly create shortcuts to frequently used controls. It also automatically gets warnings about risky pages that are displayed in search results and eliminates the chances of leakage of data and conversations to others over email, Facebook, IM, or websites that track online activities of users.

1. Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2011:

In recent years, Norton AntiVirus has been a best Antivirus Software. It provides excellent malware performance and minimal impact on computer performance. At present, Norton AntiVirus 2011 installs much quicker and a little impact is noted by reviewers on their day-to-day routine, though watching HD movies or playing games are involved in that. Security controls, settings, & information about a computer’s protection and performance status in one easy-to-read & redesigned screen are organized by the new user interface of Norton 2011.

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software of 2011

Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2011 protects PC against the latest viruses, spyware, and other threats, delivers fast, powerful online protection to keep you a step ahead of cyber attacks, updates automatically, offers easy-to-use features and includes free customer support during your subscription period. So people can chat, email and share files without worry. As per reports, Norton AntiVirus does an outstanding work in taking away existing malware or spyware. Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2011 provides easy one-click entrance to important data from web-based Norton services including Norton Online Backup, Norton Online Family and Norton Safe Web.