Background Burner – Remove background from images in seconds


Looking to cut out the complex background from a photo, but don’t know how to do it? Then, give one try to background burner, wherein you can quickly remove background of the any image or photo.

Photos captured with camera reveal the most original view to its best. But sometimes, we want to add some spice on to them or need to remove unwanted backgrounds to create completely new one with wonderful creativity. However, removing background from photos is very common but essential tasks for tech-bloggers, also for those one who are selling stuff online, creating presentations or even making collages. There are lots of fancy Photoshop tricks for removing backgrounds of images … but all of us have not Photoshop in the computer. We are lucky today, because we have background burner to remove background from images in seconds with no need of Photoshop. It works just so flawlessly also it’s a similar to famous background remover tool, Clipping Magic. It’s very simple, quick and free way to remove background image without any graphical knowledge and manual selection. So, give it one try to experience its amazing service.

Background Burner complete process screenshot

Background burner is one of the easiest ways to separate the subject of your photos from its background. It isolates the object you were intending to capture and fade the cruft. However, it’s really hard for computer to guess right every time, that’s why sometimes it cannot present perfect result. It’s a best tool for creating cards, brochures, or other graphic design as well as design a picture for your Twitter or Facebook profile.


As usual you don’t require any registration or login in the site to get started. You just need to upload or drag and drop photo whose background you want to cut. Then, it will try to remove the background from your photo by itself that means you don’t need to do anything. After less than a minute, it will give 3 to 5 results for selecting one that is perfectly fit in your requirements.

If the uploaded photos are too much complex, then you can’t get proper results. So in this situation, clipping magic is better than this tool. When you get result, just hit the “Select” button available below the perfect result and download Background Burned image as a JPG or PNG. If none of the results are completely perfect, you can select the best result of the bunch and do some touch ups to make it perfect. Users can get proper results only with simple photos.

For touch up, click touchup on the thumbnail image, that’s coolest for your desired photos or images. After that, use erase (Red) or restore (green) brush to immediately add or remove objects in photos. Three size brushes are available there, you can use anyone to make your image perfect. On touch up age, you will get both zoom in or zoom out to see your image more clearly. In addition, you also have undo option.

Background Burner touch-up screenshot

It’s totally free and automatic…it uses number of software algorithms to evaluate your image and discover line, color and focus to separate stuff in the foreground from objects in the background. No matter, image has white background or colorful background, because it is capable to remove any type of background. If your image is set with white background, then you can covert white background into an alpha layer background and make it transparent. So, you can set it in another background.

If you are selling the product online then you really know the value of white background image because buyers are more likely to purchase when your product photo has a clean, white background. Case studies show that removing background using Background Burner can enhance sales conversion by 300%.

Background burner works hard to give perfect result. It is different from Clipping Magic, where you always have to show it which part is the subject and which is the background, but this tool works automatically, leaving you with only a few small touchups. It’s really useful for those photos that are not very complex. On the other hand, background burner is also missing a bulk clipping mode, but its automatic background removal makes it pretty easy to cut backgrounds in bulk.


  • Free to use
  • Don’t require registration or login to get started
  • Remove backgrounds from image automatically
  • Make your image backgrounds white or transparent
  • Even remove white backgrounds from images or photos
  • Edit and refine your image clipping mask
  • Download image in JPG or PNG format
  • Don’t require any graphical and Photoshop knowledge


  • Not useful with complex photo
  • Missing all advanced tool like hair tool, boundary offset, and different background colors