Best iPhone Apps of the year 2010


The Apple iPhone 4 was probably the biggest happening this year and rightly so because Apple is the World leader in technology this year. The company owns the largest portion of the technology market and has the largest app market place in the world. In fact, the iTunes store is one of the biggest attractions for most people who buy the Apple iPhone 4. There is an unbelievable number of additions in the Apple app store every year. Since the year 2010 in coming to an end we have planned for getting the best of the app additions in the Apple app store. Here are the five best apps that were introduced in the Apple app store this year. Since most frequent additions to any app store are the games this list also contains most new games that have been added:

1. Angry Birds:

Angry Birds - iPhone App

Well Angry Birds was one sensational release in the year, the one game release that swept the charts in all the different app stores of the world, be it the Android Market place or the Apple iTunes store. The game is about hitting blocks of wood and glass and crush piggies with the some really angry birds using a sling attached to a half slit stick.

2. Gowalla :

Gowalla - iPhone App

Gowalla was one of the best iPhone apps this year. It is excellent for storing your memories it allows users to earn stamps by visiting places and once you are addicted to this it is hard to let go. Using this one you can even keep up with your friends share a comment and post a photo to let them know where you are.

3. Pocket Legends:

Pocket Legends - iPhone App

Pocket Legends as the critics say is one of the best role playing game that has been made for the smartphone platform for a long-long time. One great feature that it possess is that it is hugely multi player that is it can be played with thousands of players online and that gives you a chance to make new friends.

4. iMovie:

iMovie for iPhone

This one is Apple cherry on top of the cake, it is a real time movie editing/making app that is available for the Apple iPhone 4 or higher versions. You can edit a movie being taken add effects and even publish it on the web without even leaving your place. It is available for download from the iTunes app store at a nominal cost of $4.99

5. JotNot Scanner Pro:

JotNot Scanner Pro for iPhone

This is one app that I found very useful for students, that is to say it makes your iPhone an instant document scanner. It has great magnifying capability and hence the document becomes as good as scanned. Hence it becomes very easy to take notes and also transfer them instantly or even share them on a social network.

So, there it is guys here is our best 5 apps from the iTunes app library for the year 2010. Do not forget to let us know of yours in the comments section below.