Bookmarks Tagger For Chrome: Assign tags to bookmarks and ease the search


While using the Internet… you may have pressed CTRL+D, or turned the cursor on the Bookmark just because of its significant role. Bookmarks are one of the very important elements of all browsers, as it can reduce the time for accessing data that we have browsed in past as well speed up the browsing process. This simple concept works a lot for us, but unfortunately if you bookmark so many website, it can easily mislay track of each one. However, if you are using chrome browser there is good news that now you can use effective way called Bookmarks Tagger. It is browser extension that enables users to tag their bookmarks with different name, so they can easily access important websites just with the click of mouse.

Bookmarks Tagger For Chrome

No need to pay any money for using Bookmarks Tagger browser extension, which is available only for Google Chrome. It is the perfect substitute to the browser’s subject way of managing your bookmarks. Usually, bookmark does not generate its own separate set of bookmarks, but now chrome users can add tags in to the bookmark section for discovering bookmark website easily from the long list. The tags are just like folders and you can manage it utilizing the default bookmarks manager, even though Bookmarks Tagger has its own more suitable and easier tag manager.


Unfortunately, this great innovation is designed only for chrome browser…it can be searched in the address bar just by entering short form of bookmark tagger, “bt”. Here, you can also tag just like a quick search option. This extension adds new icon to the browser’s address bar that you can utilize for adding new bookmarks. It also gives full right to set the name of bookmark and include tag to it. You are also enabled to import your Bookmarks Tagger and also allocate tags, edit, remove bookmarks and tags, as well surf your bookmarks by their tags. Through the tag icon, you can see title of the webpage and all related tags.

Features of Bookmarks Tagger extension:

  • Allocate tags to your bookmarks
  • Search bookmark by writing only two letters “bt” and also search tag in the same way as you use the quick search
  • You can edit, remove bookmarks and tag
  • Access all bookmarks just by their tags
  • Bring in your presented bookmarks and mark them

Step by step guides to use Bookmarks Tagger:

1, At first step, grab the copy of Bookmarks Tagger from the Chrome Web Store

Bookmarks Tagger For Chrome: Assign tags to bookmarks and ease the search

2, As soon as you installed it, you will witness a new icon in the toolbar.

3, Open a new webpage, hit the tagger icon from the toolbar.

Bookmarks Tagger For Chrome: Assign tags to bookmarks and ease the search

4, Put in tags for a latest bookmark, and save it for completing the process.

5, You are also able to import your presented bookmarks and even tag them. You can do it with the right click and selecting Options. To verify the imported bookmark, hit the “import bookmarks” from the left-hand side of the screen.

Use of Bookmarks Tagger:

No need to scroll down the drop down menu for finding all added tag, but you just need to type specific BT space and tag to search it.

Bookmarks Tagger For Chrome: Assign tags to bookmarks and ease the search

If only one website matches the tag, then it will open it automatically, otherwise it displays the list of related tag.

For editing links or tags related with link, you don’t need to open another page because each tag sets with small gray pencil icon for editing it and x icon for deleting an entry.

Bookmarks Tagger For Chrome: Assign tags to bookmarks and ease the search

The concept of bookmark tagger is not new; there are numerous apps and extensions are available that use tags like Evernote, Pocket, and so on. But in all matter, it is really quick in searching through a bunch of long URLs or bookmark folders.

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