Camera Plus AirSnap – Take selfies by triggering one iOS Device with other as remote


Get your perfect selfie…even remotely with Camera Plus AirSnap! This app turns your iOS device into a remote control for shooting an image from another iOS device. Now just pair iOS devices to enjoy all your clicks!

There is a notable craze of selfies…especially group selfie with camera advancement in smartphones. Taking selfie becomes common today… on wearing new dress, changing hair style, showing face makeover also when you meet with friends or dear ones casually, in festival party, get together party, or on trip, etc. All your enjoyment fades away, if selfies are not captured properly. But it is obvious, because camera lens of your device isn’t that much advanced, and it hasn’t enough features required to take best selfie. No…No…no need to change your device, just install Camera Plus AirSnap. This app lets users to capture photos and videos remotely, just by pairing two iOS 7 devices. Herein, one device is converted into a remote/trigger while another one is used for capturing images or videos. So now, you can easily control your picture from any range, for any angle with Camera Plus AirSnap! It allows much more than just clicking selfies, wanna know? Just go through the complete information of Camera Plus AirSnap app given below.

Take a photo or record video remotely

There are many cameras, which can be controlled using a smartphone, for ex. Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile, Canon EOS Remote, and Olympus Image Share. All these allow you see what your camera sees, and control it from your smartphone instead of being stuck behind the camera itself. How nice would it be if this technology is not limited to the camera only? You may be glad to know that this technology is improved and come in your pocket: your smartphone itself.

We talk about the newest version of Camera Plus for iOS, called AirSnap, wherein two people with Camera Plus installed on their iPhones or iPads can use one to remote control the other device that shot an image. So now, everyone (even photographer) is in frame for a group shot, simply by setting up one iPhone as the camera and other as the remote.


Camera Plus needs no introduction, as it is well-known photography app that has been around for years. This one is totally different from similarly named Camera+. Camera Plus is a product of Global Delight Technologies. Now, the company is going to launch a new version of its Camera Plus with new technology, called AirSnap. AirSnap is a part of the Camera Plus 3.5 upgrade. Camera Plus with AirSnap is available for download on the iTunes App Store for $0.99 and good thing is that AirSnap is free for existing Camera Plus users.

This new feature allows you link two iOS devices (for ex. two iPhones otherwise an iPhone and an iPad) together, so that you can remotely control the other one for taking pictures or recording video. Thus, your iOS device turns into a remote control for taking picture from other iOS device.

Your iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches are connected using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you prefer Bluetooth, make sure that distance of up to 30 feet (10 meters) is optimal. Most importantly, both paired devices should be loaded with Camera Plus app. Here, you set one iOS device to be the camera and other to be the trigger/remote. Thereby, your remote iOS device is able to change the settings and see exactly as the camera iOS device is. Care should be taken that both devices have same protocol to identify each other.

You need to tap the little camera parachute icon to engage AirSnap. Now as cameras are launched, AirSnap makes a connection pairing both devices, so you can select which device is shooter and which is remote control. From there, just spot the camera and preview from your handset. For ex. iPad is your shooting or you can say camera device, just hold the iPhone (another one) in your hand to control whether the iPad shoots stills or video, when the pictures are taken, and the shutter button.

To enhance the quality of images and videos, Airsnap offers some notable extra features. As iPad has no flash, but Airsnap comes with added feature of a soft flash which you can be used instead of flash to make photos brighter by simulating the effects of flash. You are allowed to capture video recording in 720p on the iPad, if required. It also makes it easy to focus and hunt down that perfect shot. With “Lumy”, a slider feature on the screen that analysis existing light conditions and adjusts brightness in view of that, photos should also get clearer. Also, Airsnap users are facilitated with standard social sharing via Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, iMessage, AirDrop, as well as it helps Instagram users to fit full images into the square format before uploading them. You are allowed to pause and resume video recording on-the-go. Airsnap comes with Pix’d to fix color, skin tones, etc. Thus, new version has variety of great niceties.

iPad users with small fingers may face difficulty in pressing the shutter button right in the middle because of a large screen. But Airsnap makes good use of the iPad’s big screen and offers a customizable layout so that users can change the position of the capture controls according to comfort. It provides a floating adjustable bar that includes the shutter button. With AirSnap, users can shoot images and record videos along with instant previews, rear flash usage as well as option of both front and rear cameras.

Camera Plus is now going international, as it is available in 10 different languages like French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Korean for a more personal camera experience. For compatibility, Camera Plus supports:

  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini with Retina display
  • iPod touch (5th Gen)

Note that Camera Plus is designed and formed for iOS 7 version and above, for getting the most optimal experience. So, enjoy effortless group photos, candid video captures, fun spy videos and a lot with Airsnap!