Download Kidzy: Free web browser for Kids with filtering tools


Internet is full of good things mixed with bad ones, so single alphabetic mistake could open wrong site with lots of unwanted materials. It becomes more problematic for parents when this happens with their children. Parents are really worried about their kids’ online safety and their privacy information. Children can take lots of benefit from internet (source of practically infinite knowledge and entertainment) if used in the right manner and for the right purpose. So it is not possible to keep away children from utilizing web, because at present, most of the schools encourage children to bring material from net on the subject of their homework etc. Worry not! As now, there are many kids friendly browsers are available that parents can install in their computer for kids. Kidzy is the great choice which helps parents to protect their children from accessing inappropriate content like online harassment, child predators, pornography, etc. and limit them in several ways. Full screen browser creates the safe environment for kids and allows them to access good content only.

Download Kidzy: Free web browser for Kids with filtering tools

To protect children from the danger lurking out, kidzy is best for anyone. It is reliable internet navigator intended to keep children safe from some of the more dastardly corners of the internet. It allows both parents and kids to block dangerous webpages and restrict usage to pre-configured interval. Parental control features of the application are not very flexible, but they ensure that kids get access only to those pages that parents have openly allowed them. Instead of limiting access to handful of blacklisted sites, it limits access to absolutely all things by default. Parents and guardians can arrange the list of websites that children are permitted to visit by adding them to a filter or white list. Kidzy is a kid’s web browser, so the appearance of the site will definitely attracts them. All the coins and buttons of the browser are created with cartoony appearance, and colorful surface.


Kidzy is supported by window XP, Vista, 7 or 8 operating system and English and Hebrew languages. When Kidzy comes to functionality, it is very simple and user-friendly. User interface of the browser clearly seems that the app is intended with children in mind. The browser automatically blocks access to all websites by default and displays an access denied message should anyone tries to visit them. If you want to allow your child to access website, you have to add it in your favorite or bookmark list. With kidzy, parent can blocks unwanted WebPages by using a set of keyword. The keyword list will restrict views to particular domains or pages that protect your child from inappropriate online material. In addition, browser protects your computer from potentially harmful websites.

Presently, children surf internet anytime without any restriction. It allows parent to limit the amount of time their children surf the internet and assist parents control the internet usage time. With this browser, children can browse the website they love so much just with the click of mouse. One best part of the browser is that it can be used in all tablets and cell phones too.

How to install Kidzy?

  • Visit and hit the download button
  • Run the installation file “KidzySetup.exe” and click the next button.
  • Read terms and condition carefully, and accept terms and condition if you agree to the terms of use.
  • Click next button and complete installing process and enjoy safe browsing
  • Kidzy software is available at free of charge, that’s why it can be used by parents and children across the world without any restriction.

When you open the kidzy in your PC, first you will see all basic functionality. It is a full screen browser but does not block access to the window start menu or taskbar. To add site in to favorite list or wish list, you just need to click on star button near the address bar. Having done that, you just require selecting image from the available choices, after then type the URL in the provided “Link” filed at the top. Once you done, hit the “plus” button on the selected picture to assign the URL to that image then save it.

Users can bookmark or favorite multiple website here. Once you bookmarked website, you can open it just like other web browser bookmarking. It gives password protection features for this section to keep your children from adding any URL on their own. For getting the benefits of parental features, you have to create administrator account by clicking on small gear button. To create an account, you have to create user name and password, as well specify your email address. After creating an account, you can change few setting to limit the web browsing. The admin password must be required every time to gain access to the configurations panel.

You are also able to toggle browsing mode from low limitations to preferred domain and single page only. Here, you can set 15 to 60 minutes time limit for browsing session. It is not most effective solution but private browsing for your kids.


  • Block unwanted sites
  • Browse to predefined sites
  • Browsing time limit
  • Give parental feature
  • It can be used on both tablet and cellphones