Draw Something App: Review of iPhone and Android Game


If you are looking for an addictive and enjoying game which shall keep you going for hours, then Draw Something is the perfect answer for you. Moreover, this game is not limited to only the Android lovers, but is available to the iPhone users as well. Now there is an app which both the iPhone and the Android lovers can enjoy. Read on for a detailed review.

Draw Something App: Review of iPhone and Android Game

Before we go on to the details of the app, let us quickly go through the specifications of the app on both the iPhone and the Android versions.

Sr. No.


Draw Something for iPhone

Draw Something for Android



8.3 MB

5.2 MB



iOS 3.0 or later

Android 1.5 and up





Whether you talk about the Android version or the iPhone version, the Draw Something app remains the same and so is it addiction level. The game has been awarded as the world’s no. 1 word game in the US, Norway, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia. The game belongs to the genre of social drawing and guessing. There are some special bonuses to enjoy like the 5 bombs for free and the 900+ words to draw.


Some of the a,mazing features of the game include the turn-based gameplay, color packs to turn simple doodles to masterpieces, bombs which can be exchanged for a difficult word, maintaining of leaderboards, and play simultaneously with your Android and iPhone/iPad buddies. The game also supports push notifications so that you may be alerted when it will be your turn to draw or guess.

So, now that you know about the most happening game in town for the iOS and the Android, go ahead and try it out now. Do let us know about your experience with the app in Android or the iPhone through your comments. To download the app for the iPhone or the Android, click on the different links below. To visit the developer’s website, click here.

Download link for iOS: Draw Something for iPhone

Download link for Android: Draw Something for Android