Facetime Beta – Download for Mac OS X now Available Free


One of the really funniest things about the Facetime feature for video calling that Apple had launched with the iPhone 4 was that it was not made available in Apple’s own Mac OS platform. Now how cool is that/ But for those Apple and Mac lovers here is the big surprise. Facetime is finally coming to your Mac and this time it is really thanks to some good job done by the people at Jobs’. Most of the Apple lovers love t own both a Mac and an IPhone and hence it was pretty logical for them to demand for a feature like this wherein they can post make video calls from their iPhones to their Mac and here is the relief.

Facetime Beta for Mac OS X - Beta Download now Available Free

For those who are unaware, Facetime was the video calling feature for users on a WiFi network using Facetime on both ends to communicate using the front camera on the IPhone 4. Well this version of the Facetime for Mac will actually not change many things in that definition only that you can make video calls from and to your Mac as well. Also you can receive and call any one using Facetime on his iPhone 4 using your Mac now. The catch with the feature is that it is only available for Mac Version 10.4.8 or later. Now how many of you Apple fans can manage that?


Facetime is easy to set up on your Mac. All you need is an Apple ID and an email address and you’re ready to roll. To start a video call with your best friend, just find her entry in the Contacts list. FaceTime works perfectly with Address Book so you don’t have to enter your contacts from scratch. Click her phone number if you want to call her iPhone 4. To call her iPod touch or Mac, use her email address. An invitation pops up on her screen. When she accepts, the video call begins. And there you are, face to face. Mac to iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac. Whenever someone tries to reach you, the call rings through on every Mac you own even if FaceTime isn’t running. So you never have to worry about making yourself available. If you don’t want to receive calls, just turn FaceTime off in Preferences.

The release seems only natural as most Macs have had an integrated web camera for years and this type of vertical integration is Apple’s claim to fame. Of course they were going to bring the service full circle and the only question was really when it would launch.

Steve Jobs didn’t spend that much time on the announcement, mainly because it’s rather simple. So simple that there was only a quick demo and it works like you would expect — nice and simple. Best of all, Mac users can download the beta right now.

Facetime’s future isn’t exactly clear right now as the app is only available as a beta. But it’s free and available right now directly from Apple. Chances are Apple will quietly move the OS X application from beta sometime in the future once its full potential is released.

You can get the beta version of the Facetime for Mac from here. And what’d more it’s absolutely free!!

Facetime for Mac Demo Video:

  • Thomas

    can any1 facetime for windows download? how is it? i lyk one gd feature most is we can add many email address vih will be used to call u!!

  • Robert

    i m so glad, finaly facetime coming to mac. now i can make interactions with mah near n dear ones along with seeing each other….

  • Marcy

    facetime beta for mac os x is easy to use, there’s no setup, & all you need is a email and/or phone number.