Firefox 29 with new interface released: New features to have a look


Enjoy advanced features, new look, latest menu icon and Australis user interface in your Mozilla browser simply by downloading its latest version Firefox 29 from Mozilla’s homepage and Google Play store for Android devices.

Mozilla Firefox is a very fast, user-friendly and full-featured web browser, which provides features like pop-up blocking, integrated Google search, tabbed-browsing, easy privacy controls, a smooth browser window, automatic updating, and more. But recently, users of Firefox get a nice surprise because this famous browser has released its version 29 with dozens of new features and functionality to deliver a faster, more secure and customizable Web browsing experience for all. However, mobile browser gets few innovative features, while the desktop version gets fully revamped interface. Mozilla Firefox 29 has been introduced with a stylish and cool design, customization mode, innovative menu, and a superior Firefox Sync service powered by Firefox Accounts. Now, every piece of Firefox has become more enjoyable and easier to use – even bookmarks. So, download Firefox 29 for Windows, Mac and Linux, and enjoy entirely new User Interface – called Australis.

Mozilla firefox 29 images

After very long period of time, Mozilla has released new version of Firefox. They have worked on its Australis redesign for two years to release remodel of browser with advanced functionality. Firefox 29 has been officially released on its official website, and now all existing users can upgrade it automatically. After downloading it for the first time, you will be slightly confused because the new version looks different from the old version. But, if you are familiar with Chrome browser then you will recognize it very easily because it looks like Chrome. One interesting design feature about Firefox 29 is background tabs – simply combine with the background until you highlight them.

Like old version, it uses separate address and search bar along with new menu button design. The place of menu bar has been changed in new version that allows you to control your browser in one place. Menu toolbar comes with “Customize” tool that transforms Firefox into a powerful customization mode, and allows users to add or move any feature, service or add-on. This level of Firefox customization gives great web experience that no other browser gives you.


By default, one can discover few options as well as drag additional items there for quick access. Now, they can also sync their bookmarks, history and saved passwords on any devices quickly. Due to its beautiful new design, one can easily focus on web content. As well, tabs are very sleek and smooth that makes navigation faster than old version. It’s easy to see which sites you have visited recently, and other tabs become lighter if you are using background features.

The Firefox 29 is offered with Sync service, so you can easily take your browser anywhere. One can try the latest version of Firefox sync just by creating an account that supports all four platforms. The revamped design makes it easier to set up and add multiple devices. Firefox Accounts is a part of Firefox OS too that allows users to keep track of their login qualifications for various services, and even their bookmarks, history, any open tabs, and form data across your computers and Android devices. Besides these changes, Firefox gives an improved bookmarking mechanism that you can use just with a single click and manage them from the same place. Mozilla Firefox 29 comes with three major improvements:

  • Client side key stretching: This technique guards users against man-in-the-middle attacks, while SSL credentials are compromised.
  • End-to-end encryption: Though, servers of Mozilla are compromised, it is very difficult to access a user’s data.
  • Public key cryptography and Browser ID protocol: Partition between authorization, authentication, and data storage servers to reduce the figure of servers that control and manage authentication material, and therefore reducing attack surface.

It offers several features and tools that you can check out here:

Elegant New Design: It comes with new smooth tabs and modern look that gives great web experience.

Customization Mode: This feature makes it easy to personalize your web experience to access the features that you use most. Users are able to easily drag and drop their favorite features, toolbar elements and icons displayed under additional tools to the browser that means Firefox toolbar, the bookmarks toolbar that you can display furthermore, and the new Firefox menu.

Firefox Menu: You can include browser controls, features and add-ons in a single place for easy and quick access. It is totally customizable, so you can make changes very easily.

Fun and Simple Bookmarks: It allows users to create bookmarks just with a click of mouse and manage from the same place.

Easy Access to Add-ons Manager: The most interesting thing – Firefox is offered with Add-ons Manager that can be accessed right from the menu to assist easily discover and install add-ons. The main reason here is that all add-on icons are present in the main toolbar. If you have many, you may possibly see that not all are displayed here as Firefox cuts off them for sufficient space for the address bar and search bar.

Enhanced Firefox Sync Powered by Firefox Accounts: For creating a Firefox Account, you can use Firefox Sync feature that helps you to setup and add multiple devices with end-to-end encryption. It allows you to access Awesome Bar history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data through your mobile and computer.

As mentioned earlier, Firefox’s latest version is equipped with an innovative interface that moves, removes and changes interface elements of the browser. It is simplified and flexible that helps one to get things done faster.

Web Platform and Developer Tools:

WebRTC: It supports WebRTC, which allows users to make video calls and share files between browsers.

WebAPIs: Supported with over 30 Mozilla-pioneered WebAPIs, it helps to unlock more features and functionality in the web platform.

Web Audio API: It permits developers to create robust audio engines capable of innovative features like positional audio and support for effects like reverb that can generate immersive audio experiences on the web, which is very important for game developers.

Asm.js and Emscripten: Asm.js is Mozilla-based detachment of JavaScript that is able to run at near-native speed for games and other performance-intensive applications. Asm.js optimizations in Firefox run asm.js-style code faster than any other browser. Using asm.js and Emscripten, they helped Epic Games and Unity includes the web as another export choice to their enormously popular game engines without need of plugins.

App manager: With this feature, you can bring the Firefox Web developer tools to mobile app developers and make mobile web application development easier with live prototyping and debugging of apps on Firefox OS handsets straight from the desktop.

Extension APIs: Developers who are using the Add-on SDK can now utilize the new button and toolbar APIs to easily amalgamate their add-on with Firefox’s new customizable toolbar.

CSS Flexbox: The combination of CSS Flexbox in new version makes it easier for developers to create user interfaces that familiarize with the size of the browser window or build elastic layouts that familiarize themselves to the font size. If you are trying to create a reliable user interface to your website or web app across desktop and mobile, then this is most helpful feature for you.