Firefox 5 Features & Screenshots


Mozilla officials have planned to release Firefox 5, Firefox 6.0 and Firefox 7.0 by the end of 2011. Firefox 5 Final is projected on June 29 whereas steady build on April 13. Mozilla officials also unveiled some features of Firefox 5 intended for introduction in year 2011. The Firefox Roadmap for 2011 was not finalized, and it seems that changes have already been made that warning was done by the open source browser maker. All the mentions of new features for Firefox 5.0 were removed by Mozilla, and afterward, hitting the status “To Be Announced” on all.

Firefox 5 Features & Screenshots

Upcoming versions of Firefox will coordinate across devices, continue to be customizable, and put users in control of their information. The browser will also not move away from its open source path. Contributions from the community are allowed by the browser. Information about the progress of the JavaScript engine will be publicized soon. However, details on developer tools, add-ons, customizations, plug-ins, and distribution have already been posted.

A more ‘stream-lined search field’ will be included in the FireFox 5. Users can easily know which search engine is in use because FireFox 5 will be color coded. Users would be allowed to create their own menus by the new ‘Site-Specific’ and users have alternatives that would be ‘specific’ for that website. The ‘locations’ will seem on the base. Websites, which are off the main domain, would expediently open as a “new tab” in the main window while history and bookmarks will be eliminated.


The user will be allowed to select a particular add-on and able to enable/disable auto-updates by the new user ‘add on’ selection screen. Users will be also allowed to ‘sync’ passwords, web history, bookmarks, and preferences on both the desktop and mobile phone applications by Firefox Sync. The use of specialized web applications made for increasing the functionality of a website are allowed by Firefox 5’s new options and facilities.

Features of Firefox 5:

  • Easy Sharing
  • Account management
  • Animated user interface
  • New asynchronous places
  • Intelligent Bookmarks Manager search function
  • Each procedure with a label, to decrease crash impact
  • Support for Web applications to install / uninstall
  • 50 common tasks flow problem of high priority improvement

Firefox 5 Web Platform Technology:

  • Low-power mode
  • Hardware speeding up
  • 3D transformation of the CSS
  • Raise cameras, video input type
  • Seamless switching full-screen video
  • Utilize IndexedDB technology (IndexedDB lets Web applications on your local system to store big amounts of data rapidly retrieve offline)

Gecko Platform Development in Firefox 5:

  • Incorporating new Android 3.0 User Interface
  • To gather performance metrics from the user
  • Incorporate new user interface for Mac OS X 10.7
  • Make sure that the JIT compiler compatible with the modern ARM CPU family pack
  • Document: Information on how to design a common platform to runinteractive desktop, mobile or web applications without borders

Screenshots of Firefox 5:

Firefox 5 Features & Screenshots Firefox 5 Features & Screenshots Firefox 5 Features & Screenshots Firefox 5 Features & Screenshots Firefox 5 Features & ScreenshotsFirefox 5 Features & Screenshots Firefox 5 Features & Screenshots Firefox 5 Features & Screenshots

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